Saurian, an Accurate Dinosaur Simulator


That’s only for the early access build.
Full game’s release date is not announced.
And @BEAF , no


C’mon, being a tiny, cute turtle would be pretty cool


Devlog 5!
New terrain material for the forest floor.

A bunch of WiP assets that will be replaced being used to show how well the game is optimized.

New Pachy model.


Devlog 6

Female Anatosaurus

Redone Thesco model

Pachy Growth Chart (You’ll have to go to devlog to se it)
Anatosaurus Walking Animation


Is there a rough release date set?


Early Access should be coming late this year early next year.
But as for final release date their is no date.


This game is looking really nice, I’m definitely going to be following its development. :slight_smile:

Also, I would draw attention to the part in the video where they explain this was made in 3 years by 12(?) developers, working on it for free during their free time. I hope similar success will be seen by our attempt to continue/recreate Evolve. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thing is with our plan, the foundation is already set


Yeah, if 2K will allow the community access to Evolve assets that would be huge in terms of reducing development time for sure.

Happy Halloween everyone.


Awesome!! :scream:


Devlog 7 is here! Ambience from frogs, Anatosaurus growth chart, and Triceratops AI video that I can’t explain here.


It was a demonstration of the Triceratops ai and how they essentially “follow the leader”.

At least, that’s how I understood it.


New update.
This is a short one. Basically Dakotaraptor now has finished models and textures for the early access release (looking to be early next year).
Dakotaraptor family (Image is too big for the forum)
Concept art for a turtle that could be eaten.

And then a hint towards how hunger will play a part in the game.


New blog post focusing on the Mosasaur and another recognizable creature.


New devlog

Make sure to read the devlog to know what’s happening!


Devlog time
Lots of interesting stuff about audio and music, a new model, and a nice video showing Dakotaraptor climbing a tree.


Devlog time
Unfortunate delay due to a few things not being done, for both pre-release and early access will now be released in Q2 (before July).
Here’s some stuff we got on progress.

Video showing the AI and some fun moments.
The current biomes.
Derpy turtle.


I shall call it the dertle.


The raptor looks like an eagle.