Saurian, an Accurate Dinosaur Simulator




Bananas didn’t evolve at that point so…
Mesozoic Era 0/10


but…but there … humans as scale… ok senpai :frowning:


Hey guys, just in case you don’t know, Jake is streaming. He’s doing more work on the Anzu model.
Jake usually streams every week on Firday, sometimes he doesn’t or is a day late but he’s usually streaming around this time every Friday.
Here’s a link.


I think it was the Anzu and Anky I voted for.


i wonder who won.


Anzu and Anky.

I’m bummed about the lack of Anat. :frowning:


I am too. I really wanted Anatosaurus to win.
Hopefully later on.


Also now we don’t have a true herd animal.
Female trikes hang out kind of, and Dakotas can from loose gangs to take down large prey, but that’s about it.






hovers over delete button


I’m sad I wasn’t able to support the game before it closed :frowning:

But I’m still s00per excited about the game! Thanks to @BearStream for keeping the thread updated with news ^w^


You are welcome.
My responsibilities is to keep this and the K thread updated.
And a 3rd topic when it’s ready. :wink:




what could that beeee?


Well it has nothing to do in any way to the posts I’m making in the say something random thread.


Oh that map thing for some game or somethingorother? cooliodealio


As long as it doesn’t have real time broken and injured limb recovery times, that only go down while online…


Sorry guys! I’ve been a bit preoccupied so I’ve been slacking on my responsibilities here. Well let’s get you guys caught up.
#Devlog 3

[details=Devlog 3]So here’s the run down,
New models relating to foliage

Concept art of baby turtle, more specifically the Toxochelys.

A sound clip and a score that I can’t link to here
And then a early concept for a revision to the pachycephalasaurus.

#Devlog 4

Devlog 4

The completed version of the new adult Pachy. Younger stages coming later.
(go to the devlog to see, the forum doesn’t like the image)
Vigorous work on plant research, making sure they all are accurate and look different.

Lots of work on programming in the fighting system. The very basic way of explaining it is that there’s 2 layers that each animal has, outer and inner. The outer layer has things like feathers, skins, scales, etc. that all have their resistances and weaknesses. Once you get pass the outer layer the inner layer is the tissue and bones, the important stuff. AI will target weak spots in your outer layer defenses and will prioritize others, while players will need to learn these tactics too.
Again very brief so do go on over to the devlog to read more.

Also go to the devlog to see the dakotaraptor attempt to catch (and fail because of lack of programming implemented yet) some small birds.

Edit: of course once I post it it all breaks.


They should let the turtle be playable… When does the game release btw?


I think the estimated release date is sometime in early 2017…?