Saurian, an Accurate Dinosaur Simulator


Dankylosaurus and Manatosaurus 4 lyfe.


Also guys, you have to vote for 1 omnivore (Anzu or the Ornithomimid) and 1 herbivore (Anatosaurus, Ankylosaurus, and Denversaurus)
Anzu seems to be th epopular pick while Anato and Anky are fighting.


Oh god, I thought this was going to be easy…

Anzu’s stealing eggs and mimicking calls sounds really fun… but then going all Jurassic Park as the Ornithomimid and running across plains in packs…

Or being a huge Anatosaurus… but then Ankylosaurus just because.
Denversaurus looks cool too…



Out of curiosity

  • Anzu
  • Ornithomimid
  • Anatosaurus
  • Ankylosaurus
  • Denversaurus

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ankylosaurus 4 lyfe


Anato is more interesting imo


the coolest thing would be being a walking frisking tank tho


But what about being bigger than the T.rex as Anatosaurus?


haha, you silly goose! size does not matter! and plus, i’m playing a challenging game! nothing’s challenging when you’re the biggest thing in game!


Being big doesn’t make you invincible. Plus, it’s extremely hard to get to the point of super size.
Little known fact, hadrosaurs reached sexual maturity extremely quickly so that they can guarantee passing on genes since hadrosaurs are known to die very easily when they are juveniles.


What?! I thought they were the same size. Everything seems to have changed now. Everything I know seems to be wrong now. :cry:

@reactiveisland5 It would be so cool to break Tyrannosaurus legs with the tail club.


Yeah, a fully matured (in age) Anato is actually taller than T.rex.



Which won’t happen a whole lot as animals don’t tend to want to be injured. Anky will mostly just be eating and occasionally defending it’s territory.


that’s why you must have patience, you silly goose!

for when the time strikes, so will my club!


I’m going AA! Anzu/Anat!


That’s what I’m talking about.
I think it’s a given Anzu will win. And then it’ll be a battle between Anato and Anky.


anky is popular and a friking tank, and people like being big in games.



Until you roll it over. Then it’s Anky soup with a built-in bowl!


And as Anato you make friends with members of your hers who back you up when defending yourself from a carnivore.
Friends are a thing people like right?