Saurian, an Accurate Dinosaur Simulator


True to my word I have just backed the game.


I’ll get on it soon.

But since we hit multiplayer the backing rate has dropped quite a bit.

I’m still hopeful that we might get to $300K.


VR Unlocked!


Yep. Now we get to see Hell Creek in VR, if you have a machine for that.


Only 16 hours left to back guys! We’re at 210,968 at the moment! We’re pass all the original goals so this game will be the best it can ever possibly be without additional content.
Remember, Two Medicine and Console Support will be added later on if the game does well.
Back and have the chance to influence what will be the 2 additional playable animals.


How much will the game cost upon release? Because I might sadly not be backing it. I’m torn between this, Titanfall 2, and Friday the 13th.

It’s all E3’s fault for doing this to me.


Estimated to be $15 but it is subject it change.


That’s it? Dayum…


I hope this indie goes as well as Verdun…


Oh my gosh, relief. :relieved:

I was already worried we’d never get it.
I’m a little late to the party, but I’ll be backing today. :smile:


Yeah they would never put those things up for stretch goals if they couldn’t be done later on.
Also here’s the 2nd OST released.


I love the music, I am very excited about this game!


The circling predators before a fight is real :smiley:


I just backed, like I said I would. :smile:


That moment when you’re watching the minutes count down.

Also, we’re fully funded! Kickstarter ended with Saurian raising a total of $220,709 USD. Congratulations to the dev team of Saurian and thank you to all of the backers from this forum.


Wait it’s over? NOOOO! I had decided to back it! I was going do the $20 one.


A small stream for end of Kickstarter going on. Modeling the Anzu for right now.
Prepare yourself for the laid backnes and randomness.


The 5 choices for playables are here! Voting hasn’t started yet but here’s a way to help decide in advance who you want to be a playable. For thos ehwo don’t want to fo to the website here’s a synopsis.

Anzu Anzu is an omnivore that is a jack of all trades, able to eat vegetation and small prey items. Males and females are so different (in size and colors) that they occupy different niches in the ecosystem, so what gender you are changes how you play. Steal eggs and run away from threats, while also using your ability to mimic other dinosaurs' calls.
Ornithomimid The Ornithomimid is one of, if not the fastest dinosaur in Hell Creek. Live in herds and run away from threats, and being an omnivore you'll prefer plants but can eat small animals.
Anatosaurus Anatosaurus has the potential to be the largest dinosaur in Hell Creek when fully grown. Use the herds to live and protect yourself as the herd will determine who will carnivores attack. Make friends in the herd and use your voice, because when under attack your friends will have your back.
Ankylosaurus Ankylosaurus has a rough start of needing to hide to survive. But when fully grown, anything aside from a Tyrannosaurus Rex has little chance to attack you. Certain plants will grant you benefits in survival so your job is to not just survive, but defend an area from other herbivores.
Denversaurus Denversaurus is similar to Anky in that it has tough armor that can help protect itself, but what makes it different is that it is much more social than the lonely Ankylosaurus. Parents will raise babies until they can go by themselves, and adults make bonds with fellow Denvers being highly commutative when together but silent when alone. Denver is also more aggreisve to predators when threatened, so scare those carnivores away!
In my opinion, I'm going to choose Anzu and Anato. They offer the best gameplay in my perspective, but Denver comes close at 3rd. (going to tag backers) @Karuu @TheMountainThatRoars @SledgePainter @SirKeksalot @reactiveisland5 @Venom_Striker @SnakeSound222 (I know you didn't back but you were so you'll like this)


Anky all the way man.


Care to explain why?
Also whay would be your 2nd pick?