Saurian, an Accurate Dinosaur Simulator


any possible expansions with more areas? (i.e mongolia desert, africa, etc.)


Ahh, well in that case I choose this BAMF

But with feathers


probably gonna have quills instead


Two Medicine is on the stretch goal list, and even if we don’t reach it it’ll be be done after the game launches.
I do know that Morrison Formation is a fan favorite, Prince Creek is my top pick, but Flaming Cliffs would also be cool.
@TheMountainThatRoars Dracorex is already playable.
Edit, unless that’s Stygimolach, in which case it’s also playable.


can i have a list of all playable dinos? please and thank you.


Tyrannosaurus Rex, Dakotaraptor, Triceratops, and Pachycephalasaurus.


Dracorex is playable?

I thought it was just the Pachy.


i hope the next strech goal’s herbivore is good ole Anky.
if it is, this game is getting my vote for "best dino simulator ever"
why? because Trike is cool and all…
but Anky…


It is just Pachy.


have they said what dinos will be in the stretch goal for new dinos?


Okay then, I vote for Draco!


He’s already playable though…
@reactiveisland5 are you meaning the stretch goal for new playables? I don’t know entirely what will happen, but I’ll assume it will be any dinosaur in the region.


But you didn’t mention Dracorex in that list…


Alright I’ll stop having my fun.
A very popular theory right now is that Dracorex is basically a baby Pachycephalasaurus. Stygimolach being a juvenile.
This is supported by the spikes and bumps being in the same position throughout the stages, general anatomy being similar, and both Draco and Stygimolach having signs of being young animals.
These thoughts are going to be reflected in Saurian and in the game Prehistoric Kingdom, and maybe in others but I’m not sure.


this makes me sad…





In other news were over 200% funded! Over 110,000 guys!


I’m just happy to be a part of it!