Satelite and dome's Cool down time



The dome and the satellite search’s nerf please. Early in the monster side is too unfavorable.

In particular, the dome’s CD has a very short. Hunter side’s really easy.


I’ve never had any problems with the current CD on those, and I play monster about 90% of the time. So while Dome feels fine as it is now, the Planet Scanner could definitely use a longer CD, not for balance reasons, but because as it is there is literally no point in following tracks, using Daisy (the pet snapjaw), scattering birds, or following trails of bodies. The Planet Scanner allows hunters to just press it, see where the monster is going, and cut them off accordingly.

Now, I didn’t play in Legacy, but as a Hunter, it doesn’t feel like much of a hunt now.


They Planet Scanner should have a longer CD time

But we have the Satellite CD just where we want to :slight_smile: If it’s any longer then Jack isn’t a very good trapper


this right here… all the trackers do is press 4 nothing else matters not tracks daisy or birds, at the moment i dodge/juke around 1-3 scans depending on how good they are.

but in general they have to be really bad for me to hit stage 2 without a dome fight. and the only 30 sec down time is abit much my suggestion is put it at somthing like 50 sec or even 60, or make it so it doesnt have the xray thingy where they see you tho walls, either would make it alot better

right now its feed, get domed, fight until someone loses enorth hp or down someone, feed again go to stage 2 fight in dome, feed to get armor back, dome and then the game is most likely over if not then stage 3 and the reactor fight not much variation