Santa brought more treats - More prize sneak peeks


Here’s a teaser of yet another available prize that will be awarded in one of my monthly contests!


Nice! :stuck_out_tongue: the evolve logo looks so awesome :stuck_out_tongue:


Where do you get these items from?


I keep thinking the same thing.

I smell a scandal… :wink:


What? You mean to tell me I’m the only one here that camps out behind the garbage dumpster in Lake Forest in my little cardboard box, hoping to snag some trash to treasure stuff from the giant green bin of excitement?!


I want some cool Evolve swag. :frowning:


Looking forward to it :smiley:! I’d love some of that!


Are those badges?! I need those :frowning:

I’ll be keeping track of your next competition for sure.


They are badges. The whole set of 5 :slight_smile:

Well, badge pins I should say


Omg a support badge! Give me! :slight_smile:


Good for you man!


I would kill for those. Seriously.


My reaction exactly.


Look pretty cool. Definitely something to solder onto the tower.


Oh god badges!? How do i win this!