One question!

You have the ability to make the perfect sandwich. Any ingredient you want, arranged however you want, prepared however you want, etc. You can tailor make the bread to certain shapes too, whatever you want.

So, what’s your perfect sandwich? :D<h

Mine would have the bread made so that none of the ingredients slip out. It’d have a thing of egg, poached, some honey mustard, I guess some bacon in a perfect sheet, no irregularities in the damn thing, with a potato fritter thingy on that, some lettuce, avocado, celery, sliced cucumber, tomato…Yum.

Mega sandwich?

Rare roast beef, Turkey, fried egg, grilled tomato, mustard, sriracha aeoli, lettuce, lightly sautéed onions and garlic, with a Habanero chedder on thick whole wheat bread.


That sounds so bad, it’d be good! :DDDD Or so good it’d be bad? I don’t know! :DDDDD

I love sandwiches. I can and have turned everything into a sandwich. It’s my favorite vehicle for leftovers.

Thanksgiving? Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberries. One of my favorites…

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The perfect sandwhich would be:
Bread(Baguette is the best), butter, cheese and ham.
That’s it.
As little as possible green, red and vegan as possible, it’s not healthy for you.


THE CHOICES :open_mouth:

How does one chose!? :open_mouth:

Well, I’d go for a Baguette type thingy, with Bacon, Fried Egg, Scrambled Egg, with a little bit of pepper (the spice).

Mmmmm. Might have to try make one of these now :smiley:

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Baguette(Yeah, it’s the best), Ham, Bacon, Fried egg, Salad, Cheddar, warm it in the oven, add some salt, pepper, Honey mustard, Mayonnaise. = My favorite sandwich.

Sandwhich with 2 pieces of bread and a pice of ham, cheese, or turkey.
I’m a very simple guy.

glad to see some fellow egg lovers here.

A sandwich with prosciutto, fresh hardy on the outside yet cloud soft of the inside bread, smoked salmon and creamy scrambled eggs, and a lovely cheese to tie it all together all lightly buttered and grilled on a panini press until flaky/crispy exterior is achieved.

Awww I’m so damn hungry. Mine would be packed out to the dick with:

  1. Shredded, Roast, Barbecued (and anything else that can be done) Beef.
  2. The same with Pork.
  3. The same with Lamb.
  4. Then dunk the whole sandwich in the juices of all those things until the crusty bread is saturated with meaty goodness.
  5. Add copius amounts of cheese.
  6. Die

Notice the lack of vegetables.

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pita bread/tomato basil
roast beef or shredded pork, good idea^
lettuce doesn’t pull out of the entire sandwich after 1 bite
snow peas that are juicy but don’t make the sandwich fall apart
whatever sauce it is that they put on the Bacon Turkey Bravo at Panera Bread
oh an egg sounds really good too

now if i could only fit my mouth around it.

Peanut butter and jelly on pancake bread with syrup smothered all over it.

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I forgot I betrayed my family with that sandwich. let’s try another. Lamb kofta or shawarma style lamb, in flatbread with tzatziki sauce (cucumber chunks large enough to add variety of texture but small enough to not be intrusive to the texture of the meat) or hummus, tomato, rice, and pine nuts lightly browned in butter. mmmm.

Or perhaps a more down home sandwich. Take a 7 hour slow roasted brisket, shred it, mix in some mushrooms cooked in the brisket’s juices, make a light brown gravy outta the rest of the brisket’s drippings, toss shredded brisket/mushrooms with gravy, top this with a generous helping of caramelized onions, maybe some black olives or pickles if you are feeling adventurous, all served on slider buns for a party, or a big bastard hoagie roll when you want to commit suicide with a sandwich and dig in. You have just guaranteed death, but it was so worth. plants flag in this post.
I conquer this post, not in the name of my people, not in the name of my countrymen, but only as a warning, to never ask a man who cares dearly about sandwiches, to choose a favorite. RIP.

What about skittles?

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Strawberry jelly.

Publix French bread, Buffalo chicken, lettuce, tomato, black olives, pickles, provolone cheese, mozzarella cheese, and all toasted