Sandstorm effects


So this happened last night

I managed to capture the after effects just now :smile:

Pretty sure you shouldn’t be that color…

I can see my own footprints! I don’t need to go to the beach!

You’re supposed to be green mister plant :cry:

“You need better camouflage!” - Val

Any odd weather happen to anyone else recently? :smile:


Ah, sandstorms.

I’ve never seen one. :smile:

How hot is it for you in Bahrain, may I ask? Indian temperatures were always upwards of 40 degrees Celcius as I recall. Australian ones are better, but still hot.


Weird weather?

Yesterday’s wind basically tore off a roof of a nearby house. And then it was snowing in the evening. Before it changed into rain and back within a timeframe of fifteen minutes.

April Fool’s Day weather, what can I say.


Well it’s still considered ‘winter’ now, so a little above 30 degrees. On normal days it hits 40 degrees and my god, you do not want to be here when it’s June or July :scream: It reaches 50 degrees


50 degrees Celcius?!

I thought I was used to heat…

You must have to stay indoors a lot in Summer then.


Sounds like fun, I’ve only seen snow once because I went to England. All I see here is sand :joy:


Yeah, we crank up the AC like there’s no tomorrow. Though I do go out sometimes because it’s summer and my friends want us to go out, I have horrible friends :unamused:


Haha, I feel that. I grew up with random kids forcing me to play cricket with them in scorching heat. India. :slight_smile:

…I never even knew those people.


Guessing the owner of that house wasn’t as entertained. :laughing:

Also, you should’ve of seen snow here when winter decides it’s enough for skiing. The mountains sometimes just force me to stop and take a pic.


My favorite is when it’s windy and filled with the sand they’re all like. “…Today is a good day to sit outside in a cafe.” :unamused:

@LaggerCZE Now I wanna get out of this sand rock! :sob:



It’s a pretty normal thing unfortunately. :sweat_smile:


But… But… But you live in Australia! :open_mouth:


They don’t have sandstorms but they do have a crocodile storm where crocodiles fall into their houses and break their windows instead. Close enough.


Enough internet for today…


Right. It was just me thinking back about something I saw in television the other day.

A red dust thing they got from the good people of Egypt. But no sandstorm. xD Righty.


I’m assuming you haven’t heard of the raining Koalas


Wow. The skies look like it’s covered in blood dust!


Man that was a weird morning to wake up to


Going off topic but…a sand storm would make an awesome map effect if we ever get a desert map!