Sand Ripper pls D:


Can I like make a petetion or something to have the sand ripper added into the main evolve game?! Its so badass…Like a Rhino/Bear


I believe MacMan said he was too big and had issues being able to turn/move on the maps. That’s why it was scrapped. It is a sweet design though, I agree.


I thought he was armadon size though? Idk all ik is my fave wildlife in the game is on the app xD i do hope 1 day they add more…something x3


He is larger. It’s in the development thread.

I wish the Frost Raptor made it, he is my absolute favorite aside from the Mammoth Birds.


Frost raptor is also huge right?


Yes, but I think for him it was an attack animation issue.


Would you say that 1 day they might add more wildlife, even if its a perk on evac? Cuz i think thats how canyon eels and phantoms appear.


So are we talking about a new monster right?


Ehhh, probably not. They are working on T5 and maps/modes. New wildlife is probably pretty low on the priority list.


O alright, hey atleast the Tyrant made it in…hes 2 badass and original to leave out.


Agreed. I love and hate him/it.


Nah I hate Armadons man…always will XD There always pissed ;-;