Salty doesn't begin to describe how I feel


I tried playing on Sunday. In the two matches I played, the first match I ran into invisible walls and died as the monster, second match I fell through the ground.

Four days later I’m over my frustration and give it another shot, game freezes, in game voice chat still works but everyone is frozen in place. The trapper is frozen in midair flailing around after being knocked back by Behemoth. We bitch about the current state of the game for a few minutes before I close out and write this post.

Two months guys. Game has been out for two months, and the 34 people on my friendslist, I’m the only one playing Evolve. I can’t blame them.

Of the three subsequent matches I try joining, its the same 3/4 party, no monster, every time, me included.

Known bug list hasn’t been updated since March 30th… Its May 7th.


I just realized this game was released on Feb 10th, this game is nearing the three month mark. This is completely unacceptable for a studio like Turtle Rock.

Update the known bug list ffs!


I don’t know how many people are still working on evolve but I feel like they’re lacking staff to keep up with everything. I hope this game does well to get more funding for updates.


I agree with you and that’s really disheartening. Its not like I want this game to fail. I bought the game, I bought the season pass, I bought some stupid skins…


I think im just lucky. In the 300+ hours ive played Ive had my game crash twice (Ive had more server disconects), only ever had/seen a body fall through the ground a few times, ive spawned as a civilian once, spawned as an invisible monster once (This one was weird. I spawned as an invisible monster with no abilities, 2 hp bars, 2 armor bars, both almost empty, a behemoth traversal meter. Couldnt jump/climb/attack. Was about the height of a hunter. Oh, and the goliath on the map was running around being controlled by the computer…) and got stuck on an airship once. Thats quite literally it.


Having played this game for over 400h+ i can totaly feel your frustration if you dont play that much and just want to have quick games/fun.

The bugs are constant but in the end the game is totaly WORTH for me atleast never i have paid so much for something so buggy and still not feel bad about it.


I guess im one of the lucky ones with my 60 hours playtime and only 1 freeze bug. Got none of the other bugs either like falling through map or this dead body thing. And I nearly find instant a full game.


Wth are all those bugs???

Are you on Xbox or Playstation?

Because me on PC, i never had any breaking bug, not even one.


Thought the same :smiley: (also on PC here)


I, too, have been very lucky. I have only had 1 game crash ever.


No crashes here. the network issue you describe is not fixable to a game update, this is an ISP issue.


I rarely have issues. And if I do, it’s on my end.


Same. I’ve seen monsters get stuck in cliffs (Wraith’s Abduction seems like the primary culprit), but I haven’t had any seriois issues on my end. Twice as Laz I had bodies fall through the world and once the game itself crashed… But that’s it.

Pretty solid on my end overall, and everytime we had a monster get stuck or a corpse that Laz could revive fell through the world, everyone voted to restart the round. Good folks.


It could be that this is the same bug I’ve been having way too frequently as well lately.
On my screen it seems the server is lagging out and I’ll receive a “connection lost” -prompt soon, but surprisingly the chat and voicechat all still work fine.
There is no way for me to fix this so needless to say I’m stuck at the main menu waiting for the most stupid 60 seconds cooldown timer to expire.


Huh… What do you play on? Im on Xbox, and the only bug I came across is a frozen game, but its only happened twice.


I’m on PS4 but look at the bug forum, its all platforms all the time. I get that you guys are lucky and that’s great but these bugs exist and

I’m gonna have a bad time

every time they crop up which seems like every match lately.


They’ve never had very many members. TRS is a rather small team, from what I understand.


I’ve been playing for awhile and had my fair share of bugs. I think people expect these games to be flawless when that’s just unrealistic. Something this big is bound to have game breaking bugs once in awhile. I don’t mind, because i can have some sympathy for such a small team making an enormous game.


The problem comes when those bugs are known since alpha and still persist.