I gotta rant and vent for a moment here. Just please let me get this off my chest.

I hate, Hate, HATE IT when players get super salty and start lashing out at others. Calling your fellow players “n00bs” a gazillion times isn’t going to raise you any higher, you know? I’m not going to “name and shame” here, as it isn’t the point of the forum, but if you lose, get a fucking grip! No one likes to lose. I get that. But no one likes an asshole who just goes on to judge his fellow player after a loss either. So you lost. It’s not the end of the world. I thought we were all game players here. I thought we respected each other more than that.

I know in a team-based game like the hunter side of Evolve, everyone has to play a part. But, again, do you think calling your teammates “n00bs” over and over is going to get you anywhere? If you have advice for your teammates, give it, but don’t act like you’re helping yourself by being condescending. We all sucked at games once. We were all a “n00b” at some point. Throwing insults at your teammates doesn’t help them get better.

Good god, when did Evolve turn into League of Legends? (No offense to any LoL players here…)

I’m sorry, I should probably just get a thicker skin. I just had to vent before I physically exploded, you know? Take this message how you want. Just let me rage a little bit so I can calm down.


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Oops! Sorry about that. In my fury I forgot that thread existed…please merge this thread with that one. Thanks :slightly_smiling:



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