Safely using mimic?


Hey guys :slight_smile: just wanted to know if anyone has been able to figure out a way to safely and reliable use gorgons mimic.

I want to believe there is a cause to why it sometimes glitches and that it isn’t 100% random, the new mimic is my favourite ability of Gorgons.

I have tried not using melee, not exploding right away, not using all 3 terversals, but still gets glitches /:

The only thing I notice is that it doesn’t seem to happen if mimic explodes with a good amount of distance between gorgon and her mimic :thinking:

Any ideas would be appreciated :3


What bug in particular are you experiencing when you use mimic?


Just dont instant detonate after using mimic.
Try melee attack 1-2 times b4 detonate or wait 1 more second after you able to detonate.


The bug where the main gorgon goes into a fetal position and can’t move and if u are in hunt 2.0 u can’t fix it /:


I thought this as well but it seems to happen past the 3 sec mark as well :thinking:


Sorry to hear Mimic isn’t working as intended, hopefully, this annoying bug will be fixed quickly.


Ya but sadly I think this one can’t be fixed till tu9 which could be 2 months out D:


Maybe this bug happen when we detonate Mimic right on the Gorgon position

I always use Mimic in long range. After I experienced this bug, I never insta-detonate mimic or detonate in point-blank range anymore.


I had the same thought but I have had it happen when I was 35ish meters away so I feel like long distance might be the only safe way /:


Yeah this is just a bug man. This happen to me many tomes enough to say it’s a random bug sometimes it will happen sometimes it doesn’t. When it does happen its game breaking. You get stuck and hunters can shoot the mimic and gorgon will take damage from it. They also can not only shoot at the mimic but shoot at gorgon herself. Doing double damage.

I got stuck for like 10 secs one time and had my whole armor stripped and a Lil more then a quarter of health taken. Another thing that sucks is that usually when bugs like this occur if you go to take break and let ai take over it will oberride the bug, but it doesnt work on the mimic bug it still remains stuck.


actually never had this bug happen to me and i play mostly Bob and Gorgon. I have, however had the glitch where you teleport to where your mimic explodes. That can either fuck you over or be a huge swing in your favor. Actually like it.


The only advice I have for you is to not risk using Mimic. This can completely ruin the game for you, so it’s best you hold off on it.


If you do it via quickplay just take a break?

I do it, works perfectly fine… No risk no reward I’ll exploding all over them, up close.


The first time that bug happend to me i slammed my controller down and yelled “FUUUUUCK” lol


It never works for me. It still is just stuck there. I have to leave the game in order to fix it, and that isn’t the most ideal solution with the low playerbase.

It also used to work before the last update/MP but now it doesn’t so I see where your coming from.


Cuz your not worthy of the gorgon gifts