Saddest part in a Star Wars related thing :'( (FORCE AWAKENS NOT INLUDED)


Don’t ask me why I made this souley to star wars.

Mine is probably when Hevy made his final stand.


Killing Mission as dark side Revan in Kotor, and getting Zaalbar to do it


I loved that this was a possibility. It made me feel like such an evil mother f’er.


Did you go evil first time? I can’t, I always have to choose the light side for the first playthrough


I did evil just because going evil in ‘most’ games of this nature nets you better goodies. Plus the powers/damage were much better as evil. I always play through both just to get both sides of the story.


in the old republic, I choose it depending on what side i’m on, like as bounty hunter, I do the dark side ones, and same with the light side characters except with the light side choices.


I like the stuff you get for being evil, but I always feel guilty about it unless I helped the people the first time round.

I’m planning to mix and match for SWTOR alignment, so LS smuggler, bounty hunter, consular and warrior, and the others being dark side.
Though if I had the free time I would definitely try to do both sides for each character

Looking back, I think the first sad moment I ever saw in star wars was probably Qui Gon’s death in the Phantom of the menace, since it was the first star wars movie I saw


i highly suggest looking up each companions bios before you start, just so you know what to say.


I just do the cheap thing where I back out of convos if I upset my companions


also, Blizz is bae


The deaths of various clones in The Clone Wars. They did such a good job humanizing them, then driving the point home that these are real people dying for the Republic, not just mindless meat robots.


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