Sad Truth - Random post-patch thoughts of a monster player


I know the patch just came out and everybody is exited about the T4 hunters and the Behemoth, but I would like to spoil this cheerful chaos with a drop of realistic criticism.

I’ve played as all of the monsters against the T4 or almost T4 setup. And I encountered the phenomenon I have not seen before - losing my health. Down to zero. I only managed to win 3 games out of 8 - 1 as Wraith and 2 as Kraken (granted, I don’t know how to Wraith, and the second loss occurred because of my mistakes rather than hunter’s ability). Behemoth is obviously new and requires a lot of training, and I’m not surprised.
But Goliath? The speedy, tanky, savage, fun Goliath that we all know and love - what happened to him? I cannot remember being destroyed so horribly at Stage 2, full hp, full armor. I only managed to get 4 down penalties on 3 hunters, each at the cost of at least two bars of health - a very bad exchange, in my opinion.
So, what is the main reason behind the losses? Is this the OP nature of the new hunters - not really, since each of them has a specific and pretty obvious counter (Crow - frequent vector changes, Sunny and Slim - concentrated focus, Torvald - engagement in closed space, where Goliath should be fighting anyways).

The main problem behind new hunters is their ability to deal damage and survive while demanding little to none coordination between the teammates. Here is how it works:

Crow - just slow the monster down by CD and do tiny bits of damage here and there. Dodge when focused. When out of the fight, abuse Gobi’s RIDICULOUSLY fast CD.

Torvald - Mortar strike. Enough said, unless you are fighting in the area with low ceilings, which is probably your mistake by default (remember, we assume you’re fighting Goliath).

Sunny - deploy the shield drone on the rock / building slightly above the fight area. Watch it absorb all damage from LVL 3 Rock throw and smile happily while taking chunks out of monster’s health with the mininuke. If teammates get cornered - no problem, just let them fly away from the corner they got themselves in.

Slim - “pew-pew-pew, vzzzzzuh. Pew-pew-pew, vzzzzuh”. Your teammates are always at full health no matter where you are located, an isolated hunter cannot be smelled, you can tank a lot of damage unless VERY heavily focused, and you puff your vape in the meantime. Life is good.

All in all, what have the new hunters brought to Evolve? Simplicity, automatism and intuitive tactics that work against 3 out of 4 monsters (Goliath, Wraith and Behemoth). Is this fun? For the majority of players the answer is yes, since there is no need to worry about somebody not doing their job. For the minority of players who value tactical play and strategy, these new characters should be a disappointment, since there is no need to get creative about their usage.

My verdict, therefore, is pretty depressing: Rest In Peace, Goliath, Wraith and (most likely) Behemoth. The new hunters just have it too easy on you lot.

Edit / Day 2 update:

Perhaps I have underestimated people’s ability to play Evolve to their worst. Today I logged in with firm determination to crush the T4 setup, preferably LVL 40, as Goliath and Wraith. Wraith didn’t go so well (2/3) but Goliath has rejuvenated himself completely (4/4). What kind of magic happened, you may ask? The great powers of stupidity and courage have helped hunters jetpack directly into Rock throws, gather just in time and place for a collective leap smash and conveniently run into ideal places for a pounce attack. Who cares about Torvald’s mortars and Sunny’s shields when the poor fellas wouldn’t even engage me as a group of 4? I haven’t laughed so hard in a very long time.

So, the final verdict has changed: Goliath and Wraith, carry on. Business as usual. Some skilled teams will pose additional trouble, but the larger chunk of pub matches shall still be a fun, easy stomping over the fellow players.


Monsters are literally useless against the new hunters


I’m sorry, but I haven’t lost a game vs T4 hunters as goliath. I still play exactly the same, and play customs with people (elite wildlife off) and still come out on top. It still feels the same to me.

Just keep practicing.


Well I might not be the best monster player out there but seeing Slim being able to keep up cornered Hank under the wrath of my S3 Goliath is just ridiculous. I had Hank cornered and I watched his HP going up equally fast as mine was going down. As stage 3 Goliath I didn’t manage to incap cornered Hank before the hunters took me down. I thought that Behemoth is underpowered but after playing Goliath vs few well organised teams of T4 hunters I must say that he is ok. It’s the new hunters that need to be toned down a little. Well it seems monsters had their Wraith OP period. It is time for hunters to plough through monsters until enough of the community will raise enough voices for nerfs.


I was fully expecting to see tier 4 just crushing monsters.

Before I played multiplayer I tested them out in a solo match and thought to myself “these guys are really OP, especially the new assault”

But when I actually played in games with and against them, it didn’t feel that way.

I am not really a good monster, but I got matched up against the new hunters twice and beat them both times.
Once as Kraken and absolutely wrecked them in a match as Goliath.

I was also in a match with all tier 4s as a hunter and we got wrecked by the new “underpowered” Wraith in a match.

Could be people are still getting used to them, so maybe there was a learning curve.
But at least last night good monster players had no trouble wasting them like any of the other hunters


I hear that Kraken has some success against new hunters. Perhaps range tactics need to be applied against them.


Maybe I just had a couple of bad games, indeed. The first post was made more out of boredom than anything else


Yes, if you noticed, I did not mention Kraken at all - he is a very good monster to play against the new hunters


Then you clearly don’t play on the competitive level; and don’t go saying you do. I beat the new hunters as Goliath as well, but once I enter a competitive level match I melt as Goliath.


No doubt that first impressions about T4 hunters could vary much depending whom did one play.
In one case I met pretty weak players, Slim died literally in seconds - just like some people keep convincing on this forum (“focus on slim, easy target”). Another encounter was 4 x lvl40 team with mics. Combo Slim + Sunny was deadly. If I tried to get Sunny - I could not out-damage Slim healing, if I tried to get Slim he was shielded and spammed spore cloud like hell… tough fight !


I hope they don’t nerf them at all. I love the challenge of going against them. These hunters ACTUALLY keep you on your toes. I haven’t died as a monster in ages, so it’s good that these guys are as powerful as they are. I actually had my first ever death since launch and a DRAW after that.


Sorry should have said haven’t lost a goliath PUB game. Customs wise I lose plenty vs T4 and win just as much. They don’t feel over the top OP. Could use some slight tweaks


You’ll get the hunter only players telling you that you suck or the top 1% saying the same thing not realising everyone is not as skilled as they are.


The new Hunters are certainly good at health removal. Especially that Torvald. He’s not fun with Cabot. He’s like Markov, except that instead of lovingly setting down the mines he puts them in a cannon and shoots them at your face. Very painful.


Play the game some more


You might just not be as good as u think u are


the new hunters are just better at large targets like Goliath and behemoth. ppl just don’t know how to effectily beat the new hunters


You better be wrong! …or soon you are the only monster playing :wink:

But I hope right now this is pay2win scenario, and after people acquire new hunters (and yes - TRS deserves this $$$ for creating this excellent game :+1:) T4 hunters get balanced.


Huh gee, look – might wanna check this thread out.


The new hunters all have vulnerabilities.

Slim sucks more so than other medics if you knock him away and/or focus him. As long as you dont sit there and brawl him alongside other hunters youll be fine.

Crows stasis gun is a projectile attack so zigzagging works. Gobi is also very susceptible to sudden changes in direction.

Sunny is like hank, she’s really vulnerable to being focused down. Also she has no real long range weapon.

Torvald’s really bursty and inaccurate, so hit and run works really well on him.

Basically if you keep moving the new hunters arent that bad.