Sad to see character select animations and other elements are gone!


As an animator myself I was a huge fan of the excellent character select animations in Evolve. Such as Caira twirling her gun and pushing her hat up. It seems like these are all gone in the new Stage 2 update! Evolve has always had amazing animation, and even won an Annie award for them.

In addition it seems that overall the update sacrificed huge amounts of things that made the game play feel immersive, beautiful, and unique, in the name of speed and clarity.

Things like the announcements for every little event, simplified effects, reduced wildlife interaction, and less foliage. While I understand clarity and approachable gameplay is important, it seems like it may have been overkill. In a game like Left 4 Dead these sacrifice weren’t made, and would have really hurt the immersive feel of that game if it had made similar changes.

Please consider adding in the character select animations, and maybe take a second look at maintaining the “feel” of hunting on Shear that seems to have been lost.


It is sad but the Hunter animations were dull and they caused a ton of lag


While they weren’t super exciting animations, they were a part of establishing the unique characters and their personalities. Similar to the dropship conversations, you could say those are “dull” and could be cut. They are also just one of many things that have been cut out that has reduced the character and feel of the game.

I never had any issue with the menu lagging at all, but maybe on really low end pcs I suppose.


Guess it’s my opinion :stuck_out_tongue: I love the look of the poses better they are cool.

I have a Dell PC, not the best gaming computer haha


I have to agree, I miss Goliath roaring and acting like a real brutish monster, Kraken standing still almost, looking wiser and mysterious, Wraith zipping in and out, disappearing and attacking, Behemoth standing his ground, acting tough, eventually bellowing, and Gorgon just acting creepy af


They should add the character animations in the main menu like before and make the animations optional.


They were removed and with them an entire loading screen. Not many people will want to make that sacrifice, especially not when it’s F2P and you want a quick fun experience.

Wouldn’t be possible since you would need an extra loading screen. Just not going to be done; they’re gone and it was for the better. Trust me.

These were made in the pursuit of a faster paced, quality, and overall better experience. They listened to a LOT of the community, even the criticism from bandwagoners, reviewers, and previous game owners. They adapted their game to please as many people as humanly possible and it shows.

Left 4 Dead was published by Valve. It had a great standing already due to that. Additionally it was linear making level design much easier and you could cram a lot of detail into small areas despite the fact they’d be overlooked. Additionally unlike Evolve it didn’t completely flop and go F2P; these titles, while made by the same developers, can not be compared.


As someone who loves the lore, art, and characters in this game, I was really sad to see the character select animations go too. They had so much personality, and were the best way to know what the characters really look like. I miss those.

As a programmer on this game, I was thrilled when they were cut. They were a logistical nightmare. They took way too long to load, and were responsible for plenty of out-of-memory crashes on console. CryEngine is not good at loading and unloading specific assets on demand.

Furthermore, knowledgeable sources informed us that 40 GB was way too much to ask users to download for a free-to-play game. Things needed to go. That includes the menu models, and the video versions of those same animations. :anguished:


First we take away mods.
Then we steal your animations.


Thank you for your response. It’s good to know there are some really solid reasons why the animations were taken out. I had thought it might have been just to simplify the ui.


I didn’t just use L4D as a comparison because it was developed by Turtle Rock. L4d (especially the first one) and Evolve both had a very cinematic and immersive feel. This is common in single player games, but rare for an online shooter, and is one of biggest strengths of both games I think. L4d really feels like you are in a zombie movie, and is genuinely scary the first time you play it. Evolve made you feel like you were on Shear hunting and being hunted.

Many of the changes made in Stage 2 give the game a more “arcade” feel, similar to Unreal Tournament or some Moba games. The announcer, ui prompts, and changes to art and effects all reduce how immersive and unique Evolve is.


We liked the game the way it was, and we were proud of it, but, putting it bluntly, not enough players thought that was worth sticking around for. We could shrug our shoulders and walk away from it, or try to figure out why people didn’t keep playing, swallow our pride, and try to improve. Continuing the way we were before wasn’t working. And the game wasn’t very playable with so few players, unless in solo vs. bots, and that version is still available too.


Well I’m definitely glad you guys put in the effort and made changes to bring in TONS of new players. As someone who was struggling to find matches before, It is great to see this game alive and kicking again.

I am just whining about small things that I miss.