Sad news - When Evolve servers go down, everything goes down



The team was pretty much 100% focused on keeping the game alive as a multiplayer game. And I think it’s a complicated question to accurately predict the behavior of the game when this server or that server goes down — or changes in a way that requires the game to be updated. I definitely can’t do it, I wasn’t familiar with the server infrastructure. Don’t know whether your player profile was locally cached, though I kinda think it was. Can you even get past the main menu without an acknowledgement from My2K? Dunno.

If Steam still supports offline mode, someone could switch it offline, try to launch a different single player game. If it works, try to launch Evolve that way. If that works, then physically unplug the network cable and try it again. Hopefully that will let you eliminate Steam as a culprit, and see how Evolve works when 100% unable to contact any 2K servers.

Edit: I just had a successful test with Subnautica and no network cable. Steam offline mode is still a thing. Now someone just needs to try it with Evolve.


I bought a physical copy of Evolve for PS4 just because I knew this would happen eventually. Would single player matches still work? I know without any support from 2k that any dlc stuff wouldn’t work, but would I still be able to at least boot Evolve up and play alone?


So I got distracted yesterday. Woke up, saw your response, told myself I would test it. Forgot. Woke up, got back on forums, remembered to try and test it. forgot xD

Tonight though, I did test it. While I can’t test Legacy, as my internet is poo and I wouldn’t be able to download it easily / in a timely manner, I did test Stage 2. They won’t let us into the Play section, but they will allow is into the training section which is more or less the single player mode of Stage 2 anyway, plus on training for Stage 2 regardless of unlock progress, you should have everything.

@Magmafiend The easiest way to test would be to disconnect your PS4 manually from your wireless and test from there. I long ago sold my PS4 copy of Evolve because I wasn’t a huge fan of TU8 (I think that’s the one that console is on… Stage 2 was TU9 right?) so I can’t test for you unfortunately. Please let us know if you test it :]


I started Steam in Offline mode and unplugged my Ethernet connection. It seems that on Legacy I had everything unlocked. All my Monsters/Hunters and skins were all still present.

And Stage 2 didn’t have a solo mode right?

With the Evacuation mode?

@Magmafiend @Master_Forge @ArPharazon


No evacuation but there is a solo mode. It’s just hunt though.


When I get home tomorrow, I’ll try disconnecting my PS4 from the internet and see If I can play solo. Wonder if I should buy any of the hunters or monsters and see if they remain playable. Would love to play them when the servers go down. Here’s hoping.


I was able to play Legacy PS4 solo without an internet connection. I’m pretty sure I kept all the DLC characters and mastery progress. All of my Monsters were still elite. However every time I left the character selection screen I had to rewatch the beginning of the intro movie while the game kept trying to connect to the internet.


That is a compromise I am willing to live with. Guess I’m going to be buying both hunting passes again.


I would definitely be willing to accept that.


Keep in mind that Evolve Stage 2 is a different beast entirely.

the Monsters and Hunters you had from Legacy will remain unlocked in Stage 2, but their progression, skins tied to that progression and badges, will need to be earned again. Luckily you get some XP in solo mode in Single Player so you can still unlock everything, but it is limited as you get more for playing online.


Legacy doesnt use p2p. It uses localized dedicated servers based on the lobby host.

If I’m wrong… Please tell me… Id prefer to be wrong on this one…


To be honest, I’m no longer certain.