Sad news - When Evolve servers go down, everything goes down



Going to post this here, because in the inevitable event that Evolve’s master servers go down, people may get worried.

A quote from reddit.

"This is why as someone who remembers the days when a master server was a simple IP/DNS fix and companies released master server clients when they folded up shop, I fucking hate modern online gaming.

You can still connect to old UT or Q3A servers via public master lists.

Modern games (like Evolve) as so wrapped up in DRM and copy protection that when they die, they are forever dead. Nobody will ever be able to host it again. There’s no LAN mode. Nothing.

That’s the real tragedy here. Even if Evolve wasn’t successful enough to remain online, when 2k pulls the servers, it is gone forever. Nobody will ever be able to play it again. The game vanishes from history. You can’t pull a copy off the shelf in 10 years. It’s like the game never existed."

In other words - no customs. Probably no Legacy. No anything. I know a lot of you will probably be angry at me for posting this, and I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry that this is what will happen to a game we all loved and cared about. But it’s best to realize this now instead of getting such a nasty surprise.

I’m sorry.


So there are no local severs like L4D?


No. Here is the full thread.


Well id already planned not buying another 2k made/published game because that thread hits it right on the nose.


Legacy should still work on a P2P basis, just not on 2k servers.

That being said, if this topic devolves into slams against 2k it will be closed immediately.


Is there a way we can still play Legacy with people via the net? Surely there has to be some way…this news is horrible to hear, and yet I know it seems inevitable.

This also makes me quite angry because of the financial investment we, as players and supporters, had for it. I bought my game…but in cases like this it only feels rented. I can still play old school games over the net like Empire Earth if I wanted to…but new games, and Evolve is not the only one - far from it…are following this new trend. It’s not enough to simply always buy disc copies and cartridges anymore.


I believe Lianne mentioned on the last live stream that games would be hosted by players rather than servers. So, yes we should be able to play IF the servers went down.


:expressionless: :zipper_mouth_face: that’s no joke… @TheMountainThatRoars not a slam…


Eh as far as i can tell,you can play Legacy on offline mode for the nostalgic sake.As for the online part,the tricky thing is made the game using local server,this is of course require a quite amount of hack since there no such option in Evolve by default (and i believe it’s even got prevented due to modern gaming system)
I’m not saying this is applausable,but everything is " possible :lazarus:" when it come to digital stuff


I know they have the account data stored on a server, so think of it this way. If all the servers related to Evolve are shut down, then even on Legacy, you will lose everything. There’s a good chance that you’ll not have anything except Tier 1 after login, and you’ll have to unlock T2 + T3 every time you play.

Because 2K wanted to have all that data on a server, and if your internet is slow enough (that connection to the server becomes impossible. Hard to imagine with good internet, I know, but I’ve had this happen) you will not be able to access anything account related.

Meaning no elite characters, skins. You might still have purchased DLC in legacy provided you had purchased the DLC before you started Stage 2

It will die. It will. All 2K has to do is pull the actual plug.

unrelated to rant above, bashing 2K is a lot of fun but there are threads for such things in other places. If anyone is curious as to my direct feelings about 2K I could maybe post a comment that links to other threads where I’ve voiced said opinions.

Also, a comic wherein I would like to replace “how much I care about your birthday” with “how much I care about 2k”


Dear GoGoGoliath,

1st off I met a GoGoTeressa recently ^.^, aside from that though While I do hate online only games for that very reason, I also made the decisions to buy said games too…

and i did it again with TFall2


If you’re implying something, I don’t know who this Teressa is.


NO no… i just think its fun that someone else had GoGo in their name.


oh. my bad then lol


That’s a good thread. Why ? Because it shows that the fans and players ‘do care’ and value the game.


Oh with EVOLVE? We are way past the point of “sad news”.

Nothing phases me anymore when it comes to 2K and their misadventures in online multiplayer shooters…

I am about 99% sure this is the last we’ve seen of them in this particular market.


'It’s not our fault ! It’s the - people who were doing what we told them to - ‘s fault’ !

Sorry, couldn’t help myself. This whole situation is positively gushing with bad damage control and in the process of it, I lost a game that gave me some truly spectacular moments. Because of someone else’s nosy business policies and incompetence.

Overall, the fact that you are actually buying server time every time a new game with an online component launches, is not good. I mean, here I am playing Torchlight and Witcher and I have to remind myself to hit Titanfall 2 a bit cause of the above fact.


How would this work? Will we still be able to play solo?


Is there anything that can be done about this? Even if the servers do go down, wouldn’t there be some way to keep playing even if only solo? Like what would it take to accomplish that?


Their servers hold our save data, friend. To my knowledge, unless a dev would like to sweep in or a mod wants to ask / answer you, there is no way to keep your own progress/stats and the like on a local file because even if you had such data, there’s not a system in the files built to read said data.

The less explanatory answer is… all your save data is solely on their servers with no way to have it stored on console/pc hard drives. Their servers go down, and you can still play. But for legacy, you’ll be playing without any characters unlocked, as if you started fresh. Same for Stage 2, except I believe stage 2 has a solo “test everything” practice mode available that sets you up in a solo match against bots (or a solo match, on a team of robots, against a robot Monster)

So technically if the servers go down, your best bet for maximum solo fun is Stage 2… but your save data won’t transfer.

(and again, all of this is to my knowledge. It doesn’t mean I’m 100% right. You’d need an answer from someone who worked on the game / or someone with a way to contact someone who worked on the game)