Sad but true. The Damage has been done. The game will end up like Titanfall


Look at the steam stats. We are losing players VERY quickly. This is really bad this early in the games life. 2K has killed the game. Evolve now has a mixed review on Steam. Reviews have been ok, but nothing special. What do you think can be done, if anything. TRS should make the behemoth available to everyone. They need to do something to make themselves look better. Our game is in trouble. Its a fact.


matchmaking is kind of annoying.


Question: Have you purchased the behemoth yourself?


Preordered. Just thinking that making the Behemoth free to everyone would be a good pr stunt.


Of course the game will die a bug where que times take longer than an hour is in effect without being patched and other stupid bugs that shouldn’t be there are still there

Pesonally I don’t mind them but of course people want what they paid for not something that is unplayable for a few and not worth it :confused:

The longer this patched is delayed the more returns they probably will have to do.


I’m not actually going to wait for you to respond, because I’ve seen too many people saying that the solution to ‘fix’ our problem, that literally everyone in the Evolve community, ESPECIALLY the Devs already know about, is to give away the DLC content for free.

Usually it’s from people who do not have the DLC stuff themselves.

Listen, guys. We’re not game designers. We’re not marketers. We’re consumers, and like it or not, our collective bleating is not going to influence the buisness desicions of the company. Game desigin desicions, maybe, balance desicions, even more likely, but marketing is not part of our desicions.

If you’re here on this forums, which I believe are clearly marked the TRS forums, as in Turtle Rock Studios, the guys who built the game, not the guys who sold it, then you’re in the wrong neighborhood to post buisness desicions.


i’m expecting that maybe next christmas or something they’ll give us a hunter and a monster free


It won’t happen.


a man has the right to dream.


A man also has a right to make a piece of art and then not get yelled at when a corporate bigwig sells it for too much. Yet I don’t see you people giving a damn about that.


didn’t left4dead2 release for $60?


Yeah when i see this game that i love i think about titanfall too, 2 games who died way too soo…


Didn’t Borderlands 2 do something similar?
Didn’t halo 3 do something similar?

Hasn’t literally every mid to high-end game in the past 5 years existed merely to screw us out of our money?

Correction: None of them have. That’s just the way the people who didn’t create the games marketed them.

Stop putting hate on TRS. Vultures…


space marine

released too early, died too early, never a second space marine game because relic died


I personally will no longer be playing since my stats/progression just got reset about 20 minutes ago. All of my leaderboard ranking (rank 14) elite skins, badges, masteries, all gone.

There’s no point in playing if the progression I earn just goes away whenever it wants. And then TRS says that there’s no way that they can restore and the only thing they can do is unlock all monsters and hunters for us if we supply them a picture?

Right, cause I just have a picture laying around of my old leaderboard ranking. Until this is fixed, i simply can’t play know my progression and time I put into this game is for nothing. The fun this game has to offer (which is a lot of fun) isn’t worth it.


I would say as bad as Titanfall when it first launched.


The patch to fix it will be here in a week dude. They stated that already. Don’t trip, potato chip.


matchmaking should never be in games. it’s a bad system and it works out badly. i’d much rather there be dedicated servers like killing floor.


Matchmaking is necessary as an ELO system is necessary. Too many monsters right now are like 40-0 or 100-0, I’ve quit playing monster alltogether until ELO comes out for this reason.


if there was no matchmaking 4 hunters could sit in a lobby and wait for a good monster.

people could chat rather than being sped into the next game

communicating between monster and hunters is vaulable. it’s more fun if everyone’s talking.