Sad about founder bonuses


First of all before you all will bash my head, i have the game since the release, i have over 900hours played.
I dont want to rant, cry or whine here, this is just a opinion about the founder bonuses.

I supported the game by paying for it long long ago, i joined community events, i never trashtalked it i never gave up on it. Not even now, i dont have any problem, never had any. But founders get 3000 silver keys ? Like really ? Skins, etc bla bla bla, ok ok, nobody cares about them.

I dont want to express myself like : Here LOOK AT ME I AM ONE OF THE FOUNDERS !!!, no i dont need that, why you not giving us DLC content for not giving up on the game ? Is it so much, for the faith we had in you all the time ? Is it so much for you to give us the dlc characters,for suffering, bugs, balance problems, playerbase problems etc. this long ?

At this point many of the pitchfork equiped people here will think : Ok man, you had faith, fun etc. why you dont just paid for the dlc in this long period of time ? The answer is simple : I wanted them, but i dont really needed them. I played without them. I just dont spared enough money for it because i live in a country where 350€ per month is basically normal.

Your next question will be : Ok so when you played 900h without them why are you want them now so badly ? Answer : because i want to play with them and i consider the much better than any skins, badges or cosmetics etc. In 900hours i never paid attention to any cosmetics that other had in game.

And the last of your question will propably be : Hey you played so much hours, just play again, you will earn so much keys that u can buy it anyways and dont tell us you are overfed with the game because its nearly brand new. Answer : sure you are right, but i am still overfed even when there are changes, i will still play it without the dlc, but not so much as before (some things in life changed), dont have time for it…So for playing tons of hours, having nerves of steel and faith, we get 3000keys and a bunch of irelevant cosmetics. Not really cool nor fair.

Dont get me wrong, i still love the game, i am just sad…its like (really really sorry if i offend someone or if its stupid) returning from war without legs and getting a old but brand new painted wheelchair and bunch of useless medals, instead of the high mechanical auto wheelchair with joystick. Anyway good work with the mega patch, thumbs up for TRS for not giving up. Sorry for poor english, its nto my native language.


Founders get much more than 3000 keys. Exclusive stuff, skins, etc is all coming down the pipeline. You just need to wait.


arent you reading what i am saying ?


I just added some paragraphs to help readability for people here :slight_smile:


3000Keys, new char cost about 6000, skins about 6000, even perks cost about 1000, u get 50 by compelting a challenge, some by logging in everyday and some by palying different classes…sigh, this a cruel joke


Dude, everything is free including all DLC. You just have to play the game, earn keys and use those keys to buy whatever you want. What’s the problem? It’s all free.


Thank you mate i dont really know how to post properly :slight_smile:


Also please be aware that what’s been announced on Founder bonuses is only the beginning right now, the devs have also said that Founders will continue to be looked after. This isn’t a case of people getting 3000 Keys and that being that, there will be future bonuses for founders too.

But ultimately I think that as someone else said on another thread, people who did pay for DLC characters would be pretty annoyed if people that didn’t pay for them got them for free anyway. The fairest route for everyone is that if you owned content before the Stage 2 update, that you keep it…and if you didn’t own it, then you have to earn it the normal way.


Did you please readed everything i was saying, if not read it a few times


So for the time investment in the past i get basically nothing, when i lokked on the price of items…can buy some perks and thats it…didnt read anywhere about anything more about additional bonuse and even if so i played a tons of games in my life to know what will happen -> Ohh look exclusive useless skin for a monster that noone cares in game, ill gladly trade my account with founder status for 2 hunters or 2 monsters in this case :frowning:


I must have paid around 300 dollars in total with the PCMR of the game and various skins. I do not regret it even now it’s gone F2P. I would have paid for additional DLCs if they had put them out. I love this game and I’m glad I could support it with my money.


Well you don’t get “nothing”, you get everything you already had and paid for, you also get stuff in the future (whether you will appreciate those skins if that’s what they end up being!), and you get a boost to your starting Keys.

I think that if you enjoyed the game for that many hours then you got incredible value out of your purchase, and while your support before now is clearly appreciated by the devs, it’s going to be play time from now that really makes the difference. I think TRS are being very fair to people who already own the game, and very fair in saying there will be extras for us too, but we already got our moneys worth regardless of these game changes, didn’t we?


Mate, i am happy for you, but have you read my post ? I earn 350€/month i must spared money 3 months to get evolve at launch, sorry i cannot afford to be such a supporter as you


Well I understand your point, but right now it’s not like they’ve taken away anything from you, the ability to play the game you bought. What comes as a bonus is a gift, that’s up to them to decide. Sad you can’t appreciate it for what it is.


Kinda annoyed that I played Evolve on Xbox but I’ve moved over to PC since February. Was going to buy Evolve on PC but found out you can’t transfer data from different platforms so I didn’t want to grind for everything again.

Feels like I’m gonna be missing out all of the founders stuff just cus I didn’t want to grind for weeks again.


Well, for me it is nothing, i will gladly trade every of the skins of anything usefull if i had the option to do so, even entire account because for me it has no value, i dont want to be ungratefull of course, but its nothing…silver key boost…ohh yeah…time to start with 2 more perks, sorry for beign sarcastic but it is like it is…3000keys are a joke…but in one thing you are right…you got my money already, i am nor ungratefull, just upset…60€ at start of the game…i get 3000keys (that you can get in 2 games) and some useless cosmetics that dont do anything…i get they removed perks for founders they promised, ebcause it would be a advantage…but any future content is irelevant if its only cosmetics


I’m 99.9% sure that you will automatically get adaptations without needing to unlock them for characters you already own… so it’s not all cosmetic.


how about adaptations for monster and hunter i dont own ? And can you please tell me one more thing ? U mentioned people would get angry because foudners would get everything that they paid for. So i dont have the right to get angry because somw people get the game i paid 60€ for free now…and dont mention cospetics because they are not needed to play the game…i paid 60€ to play and got items that are not required for playing, they dont paid anything but got the same thing that i paid for (and i repeat dont mention useless cosmetics because they are not required to play the game).


If you didn’t pay for extra hunters or monsters then why should you get them or the adaptations now? You played 900 hours, that’s awesome, so did people that actually paid for all the content. How are they going to feel when you get content for free for doing no more than them and spending less?

I get your point, but I think it’s misjudged. The only fair thing is for you to get content related to what you actually purchased beforehand.


By being a founder, you get (at least) all the base characters.

New people start off with only the 4 hunters and 1 monster on current rotation, so that’s a step up.

You payed however much you payed then for the game as it was. Since then, the game basically died (200 peak players on pc). TRS have just revitalised the game (by making it f2p), and you’re sad because the extra’s you were given weren’t as good as you wanted?

Bear in mind, you didn’t pay for 3000 keys and some cosmetics. You payed to play a game in the state that it was. No-one pre-launch could say “yeah this game’ll go fp2 for sure”, because people had no idea what would happen. Hell, most developers would have cut their losses way earlier than this.

The money you spent went towards getting you into the game when you bought it, and all of those 900 hours, and now you have a small leg up to getting the other characters you couldn’t afford before (with the 3000 keys), as well as keeping whatever you had before.

Basically, you’ve just gained the ability to get the extra characters you couldn’t buy for free. I think that’s great!?