Running Out Of Ideas


I’m losing more and more ideas for characters, mind helping me out people of the forums? Should take no longer than a minute :slight_smile:

Gladiators I already have:
Dark Magic
Alien Technology

Monsters I already have:

@LorenTheGinger @Jedi_Warrior @ZkyClank


Are these ideas for your game?


Yea pretty much, I just can’t think of anything anymore and the PowerWiki isn’t helping any




Dammit, I did mine but I forgot a power…


Yea, I was just about to ask who did that one. I’m pretty sure you can edit your response, if not just create a new one.

Hmm, what’s the least possible way to not say this like an asshole? I take body designs? If offended I’m sorry


I’m sorry? I don’t follow…


Sorry, I don’t take body designs :facepalm: It works just like how TRS doesn’t take the Community Hunter/Monster Ideas. Because they rather have a complete design as if they had done it. For me all I need is it to be a Monster/Gladiator and a power and I’ll come up with everything else.

TRS took the idea of a spider like Monster that many people wanted. Other people also wanted another robot therefore we got EMET. See what I’m saying or just rambling? :stuck_out_tongue:


Well super cool idea man. I put in my 2 cents but i doubt youll use it because the power i chose is hard to reciprocate into a game lolz


The power absorbing one? I thought it was a great idea, it nevers hurts to try it though :slight_smile:

@Rapterror Very legitness, I’m glad I got to see the finished product


Yeh that was me lolz. I hope so ive always thought power absorbtion was an underrated power.


Tell that to him

I was figuring it out and I would say aiming is disabled but when you hit the aim button it activates a little shield that will take projectiles in and then hitting the firing button will fire a blue projectile back. He can’t absorb melee attacks though. I love it because each character I want must have a unique playstyle nothing the same.


I have deleted some responses so it’s not taking up a lot of room.

  • Time
  • Infection
  • Power Absorption

Are the ones I have taken down, this does not mean I have scraped them


I…uhhhh…i have no idea who that is lmfao


It’s a game called Infamous: Second Son. That’s the protagonist who has the power to absorb other powers


There should be a pine tree option instead of pinecone! also I just submitted one that would be a cool concept trust me :wink:


Seems a little over powered at the sound of it, but I do see where you are going and it’s totally badass


He could just have long cooldowns for his powerfull abilities or something…


I’m already imagining the gameplay with “Helios”


if ya need some concept ideas for his design/abilities I am here :wink: