Running monsters are the new campers and its killing the fun


Just nut up yah big beasts and learn to fight when your stage 2 with full armor its pretty fun actually… for everyone…


I wish most deer I hunted would just run up to me so I could shoot them to death. I wonder why they run anyway.


Untrue, says I, but not says you, the monster has to run!
Or did you not see the text below your nose when each game has begun?
To run, the monster’s task is set, until it’s strong enough to fight,
Four crazy people with guns and bombs, and that’s perfectly alright!


if its stage 2 full armor i agree. no reason to run. in fact i think its piss poor strategy also.


Most of my games end at S2. If I go S3 then either one hunter is very good at getting away, or I have taken enough damage that I would like to “refresh” my health bar. Generally, you are more than powerful enough to go for the kill or at least strikes at S2. It makes me think sometimes that a un-striked group of hunters should get a bonus for fighting at the relay S3.


Only time I won’t fight stage two is if I know the hunters after me are a really good team.
Even then ill still go for picks, you split up to dome me? No, im crushut your face with a rock and walking away calmly.


Stage 2 is fair ground for monsters and hunters. If I’m playing Goliath or Wraith, i’ll fight.

But I needs meh Kraken Stayge twee fo mah burzt dahmayge.

So yeah. It’s all about player style.


if i see the last hunter run off i let them go after a stage 2 fight. ive had a lot of intense battles at stage 3, so i like to see it go there just to test any new strategies hunter may have.


The monster wants to turn and fight at stage 2 under his conditions. I’ll run(If you say Kraken can run lol) to get hunters away from a buff I want or into an ambush.


16 ft tall deer wearing a bullet soaking vest lol


If you cant dome… Why should I stay and fight befor stage 3?

Well, if I have much HP and full armor I usaly go pick a fight with the hunters, especialy around wild life.


And there you have it. If you want to fight before Stage 3, make him fight before stage 3.


lol so true


But mandatory engagement for any monster at stage 1 in these days and age = death sentence. I think the only monster that would a been able to put up effective resistance in a stage one fight would be the behemoth but forcing the others to fight at stage 1 is just asking a player to take it up the ass.


Eh some people prefer to run depending on the monster they are playing. I know if Im playing Wraith, I avoid confrontation all together, unless needed or an oppertunity arises (like a lone Hunter, they are already engaged in a fight, etc), but other than that I would rather feed in Peace :smile:

But if I happen to be playing Goliath, I hope you brought some towels to clean up all your blood…