Running Hypocricy


Everyone says they hate a monster that runs. They don’t like the flee till 3 play style. These players also say they wish a monster would just fight them when they get domed.

If that’s the case, why can hunters run around and try not to die?

Now I know many people will go “well monsters have so much more health than hunters, they are small people fighting a giant monster.” Thats a very weak argument. Monsters cannot Regen their HP except if you magically find a tyrant buff. Hunters have 4 people together against 1 monster, who is weak at lower stages. Wow, I never would have guessed that if you have less abilities to choose, you wouldn’t be as strong.

If hunters can dome a monster and have the trapper run around the dome and everyone else just heals, shields and shoots, there should be no complains about mitigation or flee till three.


In real life if the monsters were to come they would use a flee till 3 style. Why kill your self when you could have a chance at winning?
The greatest solution to people who complain about flee till 3 if reasoning fails is called the mute button :wink:
People who don’t understand strategy should not be heard


Yeah, it’s a strategy, but it’s not a fun one to play against. The fact that the devs are working on changing the flee to 3 strategy proves it’s something they want to alleviate.


I see your point.
I guess both sides of the field can’t be pleased
…I should probably stop using the thread until it’s not vented or vented.


There are (and have been in the past too), times where I feel like fleeing till 3. As a hunter, I understand how frustrating and boring it is. But as a monster, the hunters are much more frustrating at times. Even with 70s domes, once you leave a dome and get far enough away to evolve, you still end up getting domed after the evolve. Which is odd, because just after the patch this didn’t happen. I’m not sure if I got sloppy or what. Against good teams it’s hard to break through even at S2 sometimes (and perhaps with certain comps especially). Then you can kill all but one hunter and they can get away to hold out. I don’t really like this annoying though. There are a bunch of things I can do at this point.

  1. Find the hunter(s) and win or force a dropship rotation
  2. Feed up and be evolve ready for after the next fight.
  3. Force them out by attacking the relay

@Atrinoch If it reads like a vent, it will be dealt with as a vent. That’s how it goes. If you want a discussion be mindful of the phrasing. You can swear on the forums. We’re all (mostly) adults here. [Not a dig at you. I’m sure there are some younger people here too]

As I said before, it wasn’t the word but the general tone that it gave off in how it was used. However, as you mentioned, the issue is resolved, so let’s discuss :slight_smile: .


Cleaning up! :slightly_smiling:



Ok folks, I cleaned up the thread, let’s start the discussion now please :bucket_cute:


Good job our most reliable sentry gun!


Cool, now I can start this properly.

It’s very frustrating as a monster going for a down on the trapper because the whole team is protecting them. It’s even worse with sunny and Maggie, as she gets boosted then keeps laying down traps and with the not-so-recent changes to how breaking the harpoons is much more precise, you end up losing your damage potential as the medic is healing them up the entire time.


The support is usually the one I focus down first, because then there is no way for a Val to out heal any monsters burst damage.


For me it depends on the Support and Medic. If it’s Val and Hank, hell yeah I’m going for Hank. If they run Bucket, Cabot or Tech Lord Hank though, I typically go Medic. Same with Laz, if it’s Laz I go for him no matter who Support is. Unless it’s Sunny, then she just has to die.


I forgot mention differences on the support. Thanks for catching that :smiley:


No, no I can see why they cry now.
When a hunter they want to get it done quick (I was once in a 40min game on solo) so if a monster used this strategy they lash out. Yet…some of these people use the same strategy for the monster…or have 0 wins for monster but you know


I think that people who play both Monster and Hunter roles are more understanding.

Last game I played as Bob I had got the relay down to a sliver of health while support kept cloaking and running. They all dropped in on me so I used 1 rock wall to finish off the relay. Dude lost his mind so I asked him why is it okay for him to cloak and run but not for me to destroy the relay. He said you are allowed to but you cannot use the rock wall at all cause it is cheating… SMH


People forget that the hunter’s job is to protect the relay, not kill the monster. Sure, the only way to protect the relay IS to kill the monster, but priorities have to be in order.


No, the hunters’ job is to kill the monster before the monster kills them. At S3, the monster is large and powerful enough to attack the relay, which the hunters must then defend. It’s also written at the bottom when you’re loading into a Hunt game.


No, the hunters were hired to keep people from dying while the colony gets Evacuated. If the hunters are defeated, the monster can kill the people unopposed. If they relay is destroyed, the people die, otherwise it wouldn’t matter if the relay is destroyed. The hunters can also win by either killing the monster or keeping it away long enough for the timer to run out (the people to be evacuated i always assumed) Otherwise time wouldn’t be a factor.

It’s possible for the hunters to win without ever fighting the monster and the monster can win without ever fighting the hunters, so the objective isn’t to kill.


getting kinda off topic here.

Why is it ok for hunters to run around the dome and to run from the monster (which they are supposed to be hunting) pre stage 3 while a monster is considered a bitch if they run around the dome to lessen the damage? my argument is that unless monsters are made stronger at earlier levels, this will continue to happen and the hunter side of the community will continue to complain while doing the exact thing they hate. obviously this is not everyone, but it happens.


I don’t think many people have issues with monsters mitigating anymore. That may be because with the 1 second domes, Trappers have no real reason to not throw good domes to reduce mitigation.

The issue with making monsters stronger at earlier stages is that it won’t stop it from happening. They already buffed S1 with the 5.0 update, but you still see FT3. It may be a balance issue too. If it’s not really worth fighting at S2, because the odds of you breaking through a comp aren’t great, and the domes you’ll be in are more likely to be against you, it would just be better to get to S3 where you have more health, armour and damage potential, and fight in an area that you know you’ll fight in.

A lot of things are in the hunters’ favour lately. They can keep up to monsters very easily, they have amazing damage potential, bugs are present (that slow down eating, waste traversals, etc.), they can dome wherever they want (If the monster is at ~57m, you can dome them so long as they don’t use a traversal in the last instant. Before you would need to get within ~30m, which wasn’t actually THAT hard to do).