Running around looking for the monster the entire game?!?!?!


we cant seem to find the monster and all we do is run around looking the entire match :frowning:
Any tips?

also how long does Hunt mode last?!?!?!


Use your minimap. Get use to checking it often.


Always follow Daisy if she’s on your team,and I think hunt lasts twenty minutes.


Hunt mode lasts 20 minutes, however, when you reach the final three minutes, it pauses whenever combat begins.


project where he will go from where you know he was

@midnight i’ve had matches go way over 30


If you’re having initial problems for finding a sneaking monster, I’d suggest grabbing Maggie 'cause DAISY IS DA BEST! Don’t follow her 24/7 in a match though, or else you’ll never catch up to a running monster. She’ll point you in the right direction, but it’s up to you and your team to strategize how to cut off the monster effectively so you can dome. Abe’s also a good suggestion with his darts, but it can take a bit before the monster starts to get tracked in your match.

Your team needs to keep their eyes open for things such as corpses from fallen prey and even little things such as fallen trees. A huge indicator that a monster’s been in the area is when an elite/big mob has suddenly disappeared. Another thing to keep in mind is that smaller mobs will run away from the monster once they hit stage 2. Keep your eyes open for animals running away from a mysterious boogaloo.

Also, matches can last up to a maximum of 40 minutes. A countdown timer of three minutes will start once you’re 17 minutes in, and the hunting team will win if the monster player doesn’t fight the hunters or destroy the relay in the last three minutes. Combat stops the timer after a minute has counted down.

Hope these little tidbits answered your questions @EVOKnight!


I’ve had matches go on for 40 thanks to this.


Yeah do what Accellerant suggests. Don’t just follow the monster’s trail and try to cut it off. Evolve has some amazing audio ques that should also give you general idea of where the monster is. If you just follow the trail, Evolve just turns into the world’s most grim version of Benny Hill.


Get your Medic, Assault and Support to follow the Monster directly whilst the Trapper stays near the middle of the map taking directions, positioning themselves for the arena.


remember to listen too. goliath especially can be heard from like half the map away unless he’s sneaking

@plaff is that a dev team tactic? nice to know they leave their trapper open to pouncing


That’s what I’ve been doing matches and it’s never been a problem. Should have mentioned not to stray too far in my post too, since we never really did.


i dunno. i’ve only just discovered abduction after having played exclusively with warp blast (as wraith)

since i’ve been snipe-strafing people with that for so long aiming abduction is really easy for me

a few meters becomes a few hundred very fast, and that leaves warp blast and pounce burst damage to the separated hunter.

playing without supernova and decoy for warp blast 3 and abduct 3 is actually really nice, since you get the transport from warp 3 too.


I just realized that the map isnt as big as it seems when you look at the mini map…I need to start using it to navigate because without it it feels like we are just walking through a random jungle with no direction. Gotta learn the maps like any other game i suppose :smile:


Yeah, you get to understand them in no time. And as you’ll level up, your allies will certainly become a much greater asset in teaching you things as well, and in no time you’re running MAST in pugs. :smile:


If you are just running around and can’t find the monster then you’re basically gambling. Most maps have a center point or choke point, if you can’t find the monster (and you haven’t got daisy) then head there, wait to see where birds spawn and then make your move.

Then, don’t just chase the monster, it’s more than likely going to go around the edge of the map, this is where your trig lessons in maths come in handy because you should know that it will take less time to run in a smaller circle to cut it off than to follow it directly. Make sure assault and a buddy are chasing it in case it turns back, but trapper (and support ideally, but medic works too) needs to go to where it will be in 5-10 seconds ready to put the dome down.

If your have a griffin trapper tell him to create a “wall” of soundspikes across the map, using the minimap to help with his spacing. THis way unless the monster is sneaking and taking it very slow, you might catch a break. With Abe get out there if you can’t find the monster and just start tagging wildlife with the tracking dart pistol, you may again catch a break with it eating something you’ve tagged.

Put simply… if you’re just running after the monster (or running aimlessly where you think it might be) then you’re working on what… a 10% probability you’ll find it? Sometimes you have to just accept you don’t have a clue, prepare the battlefield to try and catch a sighting, and stay in a location that means you can move quickly to intercept :smile:


If you know you’re chasing the monster then tbh the most silly thing the monster can do is head for the trapper, since that’s what the trapper wants :stuck_out_tongue:

As long as hunters don’t stray more than 100m from each other then there’s little real ongoing danger to being apart, oh…and with voice comms!


will the monster show up if it eats a creature that Val has tranqued?


Nope. That’s what Abe is for.


As @darxide23 says, the tranq is basically just a tranquiliser, whereas abe’s weapon is a tracking dart. Val’s tranq is good for keeping on a monster once you’ve found it.

Outside of the trappers you can also use Bucket’s UAV as a safe “5th member” of the team to go and scout the opposite direction to the rest of the team, and cabot can do similar with the dust tagging. If dust tag is ready, and you have no idea where the monster is, might as well randomly call it in on a part of the edge of the map, you never know you might get lucky!


It’s kinda basic principle of the hunt, you know. Of course you don’t know. You never hunted before. Kids these days can only #hashtag and Vine.