Runescape | Other MMO recommendations?


Idk who else plays RS, this is the only game I play on my PC honestly lol
There really isn’t any other game or MMO that I can play and enjoy like I do in RS. I actually enjoyed LOTRO back then, and tried it again a few months ago, sadly the game is dead, I’ve only see less than 10 players during the time I got Lv21. I tried Smite, which I only played for a week and never touched it again and deleted it…

I LOVE Runescape, it’s been a game I’ve been playing for years, and I’m nowhere near to quitting.
But Is there any suggestions anybody will give?


Probably a shot in the dark here, have you checked out Black Desert? It’s a Korean MMO being released sometime this year. They’ve released their character creator to the public atm so you can play around with that, but otherwise I actually think it looks pretty good!
That being said… Korean MMO’s generally don’t last long, do they?
I still play SWTOR every now and then too. Not sure if you’re interested- I would have in the past recommended WoW but… Eh… Kinda going down the drain.

Black Desert -
Swtor -


Terra’s pretty fun, its f2p and on steam. Its more skill based because of the combat system. theres no “target lock” and you have to manually dodge attacks which makes it more fun for me because its not a “stand there and click” thing like Runescape and WoW have.

DC Universe Online is pretty fun too

and now that you’ve revealed that you’re an MMO player, feel free to check my thread out during you’re free time. the comments are long, but worth the read too.


@ToiletWraith Black Desert looks like an interesting game, I was looking at the classes and there’s some sweet ones to pick, also the character customization is really awesome. I’m gonna try to sign up in the next Beta in Feb. I never heard of BD and I thank you of that! :smiley:
@The_Mastermind I heard of Tera though I never tried it, I might give it a go! DCUO was ntb, I played it my PS3 and completed to the end game of it!


yea, i like the feel of the combat. i played WoW for a few years and DCUO for quite a long time and one thing that bugged me was the whole “target lock” system MMORPGs tend to lean towards. then they give you a “dodge %” and such. never liked it. if i want to dodge, let me dodge for real. otherwise its my fault i got hit.

you might like the combat system some, it feels more natural to me.

Yea, its fun for a while, then you end up just raiding with friends lol. the cosmestic portion of it was amazing though. very flexible and not done in many games

as mentioned, might want to check out my thread


Albion Online is an isometric open-PvP sandbox RPG. It uses the same “you are what you wear” style mechanic as RS did. There’s no real “story” though. No quests and such. You have different levels of safety in the world, with safe areas where people who don’t want to PvP can reside, gather and build, and then the PvP areas, where the more rare and higher grade resources can be found. If you die you will drop everything on your person (there are banks to store items in).

It has a deep character customization system (ability-wise) called the destiny board. It is also cross-platform (tablet, smartphone, pc)

I believe it’s in open-beta right now.


In high school my brother played Runescape, and he had a bot working for him while he was at school lol


i hated the use of bots. i multi-logged but i never used bots.


I personally like both runescape and TESO.



nostalgia typhoon hits



Runescape is still up and has a good amount of active players overall, I heard it only lost 10% of the players since the game changed in 2012, but it’s a high number, the game isn’t going to die anytime soon. ;D


Damn. Runescape, now that brings back memories.

Going to the G.E and dancing for money, buying maple logs. Good times.


What is there to bot? The grind to 99s feel good when YOU get them xP
Even now people are going for 120s and even 200M xp in stats. It’s crazy but rewarding


No idea, I know nothing about the game. And this was almost 10 years ago


The new weird update where they have my character weird arms kinda ruined it for me.


LMAO to this day there are still people I think, there’s a new place, basically a G.E access for Very High/Maxed players (no noobs) lol


Damn it. I want to play again. >.< But it’s not worth playing of I can’t equip my member gear.


The only downfall of the game is once you hit that Rune and done Dragon Slayer you do need members if you want to continue the adventure, exploring, quests, new areas, etc.
People are F2P because reasons, either they refuse to pay or can’t.
Me, personally wouldn’t go back to f2p since my combat stats are all closed to maxed.



I have a party hat, do I get change back?