Rumors of stage 4


I heard rumors of stage 4 monsters, is it true? If so what mode would it fit in? How big would a stage 4 monster be? Will Bob become the true kaiju he always dreamed of?
Why stage 4? Do they have infinite stages?


I haven’t heard anything and I doubt that it will happen anyways since it will change a lot of things in the game if they added a stage 4.


There’s a couple dialogue pieces with different hunters and they speak of a stage for (more of a what if thing) happening.


when i was playing evolve in xbox one, with my friends. We were playing on the map medlab, and i was kala and my friend was Behemoth and when he stage up to stage 3, kala said this while the monster was staging up. She said “monster at stage 3 not stage 4 yet!” and i was freaking out when she said that.


Monsters are already as big as they physically can be within the game.


Does that mean there making a big dlc or like mabye a sequel.


well it doesn’t have to be in game I suppose and wow that’s scary.


evolve 2 please. or free roam


How else would a stage four monster be used?


No it could just be a little joke on the fact people have wanted a stage 4, or maybe Kala is just guessing that someday there could be one. I don’t think it means a sequel I think TRS just wants to do things for the first game still, and to be honest I would rather have that.


Idk lore or cutscene. Like I said I heard rumors.


I think maybe he just means lore wise?

Edit: he posted it right when I said that lol


“Evolve 2: now with more of the same but with a recurring price tag. Buy it now!”


Mabye a stage 4 monster could turn into the variations like goliath in stage 3 then turns into meteor goliath at stage 4?


Stage 4 = game over maybe? Like how the Monster has to make sure he destroys the power relay or kills the Hunters within 20 minutes, perhaps the Hunters have to kill the Monster before it turns stage 4.

There could be like a timer that goes off when monster is evolving from stage 3 to 4, like 2 minutes until it reaches that evolution where it is all or nothing?

I could just be spouting nonsense as well :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I feel they wouldn’t do that. Hunters all ready have a problem of flee to 3. don’t think they would want the monsters running and hiding even more trying to get to stage 4.




But again, the monsters are as large as they can be within the game. All the maps are built to allow for S3 monsters, so it’s possible that a S4 monster would get stuck in terrain

@Evolveplayer26 If it evolved into an adaptation, I suppose that could work. But I don’t see it happening.


Maybe the monster have to destroy or kill really rare things like buildings that can give them power or try to find like a rare wildlife, and the hunters have to defend them by like putting shields or traps or turrets.


Well if its gameplay wise it might be a different form of defend but idk. Just rumors I heard.