Rugged skins


So something i would really like to see in a skin would be ‘‘rugged hunters’’
i imagine elite skins being like this but i doubt they are, but i still want to see them

so the general idea is that the skins will make the Hunters look as they should after the 5th day of fighting monsters. so imagine warpaint, dirty clothes, maybe scars or burnmarks on the clothes Things like that.

what do you Guys think?


That would actually be nice for the elite skins!

As far as I know, in the alpha/beta the elite skins only changed the weapons (something only you will see)


but your not gonna be able to see your skin only other player and the monster is in the 3rd perspective and u can see the skin


I agree. For now they said the elite skins will only be weapon skins.
But if they get to doing full body skins, the hunters outfits should definitely reflect the epic battles that they endured.


yeah i wouldnt mind having a full body skin even if i couldnt see it, cause the other Hunters can, its like wearing epic armor in skyrim, where its nice to have even if you cant see it, cause from time to time you catch a glimpse of it : )


I believe one of the developers has previously mentioned that they currently don’t intend to do full costumes and are focusing on weapon styles. I think any skin for the hunters has to preserve the uniqueness of their shape and colour scheme, but I agree, I always love alternate skins.


i saw the weapon skins but i didnt know that was their real plans, im looking forward to it anyways, i would really love a val camo colored weapon set.


I think a Goliath rug would go nicely with the Nordita, it would really tie the place together. Krakens tentacles could serve as energy free lighting as well


[quote=“Zouls, post:7, topic:29491, full:true”]
i saw the weapon skins but i didnt know that was their real plans[/quote]

To be honest, I’d be very surprised if they don’t add alternate appearance skins for hunters in the long run, even if it isn’t in their current plans.