Rugby World Cup starts today!

Starting with the home nation, England, facing Fiji at 8pm UK time (12pm PT, 3pm ET) today. Anyone else a fan of Rugby? Anyone going to any of the matches?

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Rugby? Is that like a poor man’s gridiron?

I kid, of course. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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That would be correct, Mountain.

I kid, of course. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Jokes aside I watched Rugby once. It was funny.

I’m too American for this. :wink:

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Didn’t even know rugby had a World Cup.

rugby, the only sport in the world where it’s ok to shove your head up your opponents bum. also don’t you think it’s a bit weird that they all want to take a bath naked together afterwards.

in all seriousness though good luck to Scotland if we have a team or are even still in the thing

Scotland should progress really, would be shameful for them if they don’t. South Africa should win the group but the other teams in with Scotland are Japan, USA and Samoa. The last two aren’t to be underestimated, and even the Japan more kicking style Rugby can unsettle!

Try to catch some matches guys, especially you Americans; I’m more than happy to explain things that have gone on if you’re confused.

USA does play against Samoa in their first match on Sunday but it is kick off at 5am PT, 8am ET.

I know enough Welsh women to know that you’re not kidding at all, assuming the fascination is global :wink:

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Well that opening match between Fiji and England certainly was an entertaining one! I feel I’m the only person here that is paying attention to the tournament though :frowning:

how do you watch rugby legally? Can’t find a place to watch these games.

Wait, are you saying the Scottish Rugby team is actually good?. I serously had no idea we had a good national team for any sport

Well, right now they have issues… They are one of the top 10 teams though I think

The Rugby World Cup is huge in New Zealand. If it was a one-off event like the Melbourne Cup (Australian horse race for the uneducated) then it would literally be a Nation-stopper like that is too. No joke.

Were you guys as upset as our american casters made it sound when Hayne left rugby to join the NFL? or is he not that big of a name?

It’s like the better version of American football,that’s played globally world wide by millions even the US have a rugby team!

Let’s be honest Scotland are bad nationally at most sports apart from curling!

I’m going to watch it as it progress’s,the early stages are a bit one-sided for me to care as I’m not a massive rugby fan but it’s in England so already my interest level has gone up ha!

Anyone else watch that clutch as fuck Japan win? Aww, I don’t even like rugby really but that was fucking awesome.

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You may have missed the sarcasm in my original post. :wink:

I second this. Does anyone know?

Unfortunately you’re talking to the wrong guy. I’m one of the 3% of the population that doesn’t follow it I’m afraid, so I’ve got no idea about Hayne! It’s almost a religion here too. :smile: