Ruben FTW!


So I was playing Evac mode as Goliath last night, with my 5 year old daughter watching. As I’m playing, I win a match that gives me the private minion who roams everywhere with you, and I get excited b/c it’s my first time having him. My daughter’s watching the game and she’s like, he’s your friend! Look at him, he goes with you where ever you go, he’s helping you hunt and eat, and he helps you beat up those bad guys chasing after you. So she names him Ruben, LOL! We both had a blast just owning everything during that match - Ruben is great - double teaming hunters and just putting in work overall, serious kicking butt and taking names.

Even at the end when I was Stage 3 tearing up the power plant, my daughter’s like ‘look at Ruben! He’s walking back and forth watching out for you while you tear that up!’ She had me rolling - thanks TRS!

PS - After that match, she’s like "I miss Ruben, he was your friend.’ for the next 3 matches, lol.

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Hashtag RUBEN FOR MVP 2015




Nest = Ruben’s brothers


Ruben and the Rubenettes


Shh! Don’t tell them that!


You just won my like.