RP/Freeroam/Skirmish mode during matchmaking

I had some ideas for custom games that can be played during match making. You would enter a game while searching for a match and if you get 5 players the real round starts.

  • FreeRoam or Casual mode , During matchmaking , Invulnerable Monster + Hunters.
  • Free Skirmish Mode, During Matchmaking, Monster Respawns at Stage 1 after death, Hunters strikes removed if all 4 are killed. Relay is Invulnerable and no timer.

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Vote for one you think is a good idea, and if you have one comment it and i will add it.

I like them both. I couldn’t choose.

I also suggested this earlier (like a month or two ago).

I know some one did make a post about this some time ago, so good to know it was you. Btw its a multi choice , you can vote for both.