Round time too short or not enough wildlife


I booted up Evolve again after not playing it for a while and noticed that the Behemoth and some updates were available. I updated the game then noticed that the Behemoth is already available for me (I pre-ordered, I thought I’d have to download it from the PSN or something).

I decided to have a go with the Behemoth. Excitedly I search for a game with the monster as my preferred option. Clearly Evolve won’t let me play as Behemoth, it puts me in a game as a Stage 1 Kraken getting riddled with bullets. Shortly after the game ends (I clearly lose) and I can finally play as the Behemoth. I select it choose my abilities and choose the speed bonus since I head this monster is slow.

And it bloody is slow. Even with the boost.

I started sneaking as I always do, sneak killing stuff, eating. I get to Stage 2; great. Keep going, finally Stage 3. Suddenly I notice a timer on the top left… 1 minute 20 seconds. I wasn’t playing that long was I? I usually get Stage 3 quite quickly. I was close to the power relay so I just go there and start breaking it. Suddenly the hunters are firing at me… The timer does not stop. Before, I’m pretty sure it stopped whenever you got into a fight with the opponents. The sheer size and slowness of the Behemoth makes it impossible to kill the hunters and I lose again. It’s fine, my first go, I think nothing of it.

I leave for about 10 minutes then come back. Search for another game. I select Behemoth (this must have been a bug) and a Behemoth is shown but the monster name above my PSNID says Goliath. The game starts, I’m a bare bones Goliath; random attacks and (probably) no boost. Oh well. I start sneaking around and eating. I get to Stage 2 with ease. I have a couple of scraps with the hunters, but get away after knocking the trapper down. Then suddenly the timer appears again; this time with more minutes (I can’t remember exact amount, I think it was 4 minutes?). I’m surprised since it didn’t feel like I was playing that long. I roam around looking for food, but I find nothing. Nothing at all. I use my spidey-sense but I can’t see no outlines. The clock is ticking and I see nothing. Finally I spot some shapes in the distance I run there, kill the animal start eating. Suddenly hunters. Clearly I die at Stage 2 and decide I had enough.

I don’t remember the time limit being that strict or being in a situation with no wildlife or at least corpses. Have the patches “balanced” the time limit or reduce the amount of wildlife or some crap? It was a skirmish so there was no “auto-balance” foul play, but I did find it odd.

TL;DR: I used to be able to sneak with any monster for the whole game and get to stage 3 easily without the timer appearing. Now it appears when I get about half way through Stage 2. Was there a patch that changed this?


If anything there is too much wildlife on some maps :stuck_out_tongue:. Pretty easy to hit stage 2 with Feeding speed (which TRS still hasn’t nerfed :sob:) in around 30 seconds after hunters drop all the way on the other side of the map.


Did you read the whole post? I’ll add a TL;DR at the bottom if I can.


Haven’t seen this bug before. You may actually be sneaking for much longer than you thought.


That’s possible, but it hasn’t happened to me before. I’d like to know whether the round time or the amount of food required for stage 3 has been changed over the past month or so. The last time I played before yesterday was during the gold skin event.


Nothing has changed, still 20 minutes and 15/21 meats.


I don’t have this problem, I’m not sure what’s up. While you play the game, keep checking round time past. Then compare. You have 20 starting minutes, and can reach up to 40 I believe, if in combat?


The game can last forever if you’re in combat.


That’s the thing, the timer did not stop when I went into combat, it just kept going.


Likely a bug


Two games in a row though? :frowning:


If it continues to happen you should try to get a video of it and post it here.


I’ll record if it happens again, yeah. I’ll play it later on in the evening.


Timer stops at the 2 minute mark in combat.

Just making sure you know.


What if it was below 2 minutes? And that might have been the issue in the second game, since there was over two minutes left.


Yeah, being in combat is what drives that timer. It stops it literally. If you sneak around and avoid fighting, it can make the timer go off early. I once had a match where I got stuck hiding in a bush by a guy standing on the beach of the weather control tower… The 2 minute timer went off while I had no armor and was pinned in a bush ><


That’s a bit stupid. That has always been my tactic, lay low and feed and then fight at stage 3 full armour but now it seems I can’t do that…


It was detirmined back in 1.3 build that it was boring/frustrating for hunters. Came about in a ton of wraith discussions. So game play was modified to encourage multiple engagements… although to be honest, I don’t think they thought it through… because disengaging is nigh impossible with caira and sunny around.


Didn’t you only just download the new mosnter… maybe play with him a bit more first to get a feel for him.


It is ridiculous now. I knew it was different before. There is no point for the monster to engage before at least stage 2 with full armour.