Round Robin is BACK!


Just noticed that the Round Robin option is back!!!

@MacMan @SlabOMeat love you guys this is an awesome option!!


Sorry it was gone for a bit, but it was causing a crash and had to be disabled. Now it’s fixored so it’s back. :wink:


I know i asked about it in the early days :smile: this option is so fun for a group of friends!


What is Round Robin?
edit : I got it dw


to bad you don’t have any


It forces rotation of the monster player in a custom game


LOL @Dutch says the guy who is in my party right now with 4 other guys :smile:


Cool! This will be a fun feature in custom games.

Off topic: Is there a way to set the map to random, but keep the game mode the same? Right now all I can find is quick play which is random map and mode. Otherwise we have to back up like 3 screens to select a different map and usually always forget.