ROUND 3: Map Wars Tournament *SEMI SEMI FINALS* Poll!



The tournament has narrowed us down to the final 4 maps that you (champions of Evolve) have chosen! Which map will soon wear the crown as Legacy’s top location where hunters and monsters duke it out? It’s up to you to decide who makes it to the Map Wars Finals! Vote below and may the best map win. This poll closes at 23:59:59 Sunday December 16!

  • Aviary
  • Refueling Tower

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  • Dam
  • Fusion Plant

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Keep em’ comin!


Keep em’ comin bump.


Aviary is bae


Aviary + High Wildlife + Map Perk Aggressive Wildlife = great times :smiley:


Thanks everyone for the votes, I’ll be posting the finals between Aviary and Fusion Plant soon!!