ROUND 2: Map Wars Tournament *QUARTER FINALS* Poll



I had to re-instate the Broken Hill Maps into the quarter finals (nearly tie score) so I would have an even number of maps to finish the tournament. We started with 14 and now were down to 8. Vote for your favorite map in Round 2!! This poll closes December 7.

  • Aviary
  • Broken Hill Foundry

0 voters

  • Dam
  • Broken Hill Mine

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  • Fusion Plant
  • Weather Control

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  • Medlab
  • Refueling Tower

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Thanks for the votes peeps! Keep em’ coming. Hopin’ for at least 25-35 votes by the end of the week.


I’m honestly surprised broken hill mine is beating the dam.


Same 10/dams


While clicking it I remembered how much I missed Fusion Plant in S2


It’s hard to beleive all that aviary love… I loved the map, but all I remember was people always complaining about it.


Because the layout wasn’t good but the map itself, especially the hunter drop, was amazing


Aviary was probably the most memorable map, the most unique and characterful. I think that it’s flaws were easier to overlook because it was so damn pretty.


A few more hours until this poll closes, last chance for anyone who may’ve missed voting.


1 single vote can turn the tide between Weather Control & Fusion Plant to see which makes it to the Semi-Finals. Get those votes in!!


Somebody has to break the 50/50 tie between Fusion & Weather before I can close please.


well I casted my vote so the winner can be decided :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks! Ill take care of the rest.