Rouge Val (Revisting)


Rouge val was fine in lagacy evolve, but now her instant full heath heal is too much for stage 2. she can heal back to full hp every 11* seconds no matter how much dmg you poar into her. and thats coming from a wraith main who if you and your decoy both have supernova does lots in that area

maybe a revisit?

My Sugestion-

vals heal burst is a bit on the op side, but her overall healing of her teamates is dogshit.

so maybe if she heals herself back to 1/3 hp but her healgun gets a 35% buff, that would be fair. she would be a team player insted of a tank medic who you can basicly shrug off untill the end.


Or maybe… don’t focus her? I mean, her healing is kinda shit…


yes but thats not what a medic should be-

a team player. not a decoy

thats how i won the match BTW i got all the others then pounced her at the end


She is a team player. She makes up for poor healing with high damage and self-sustain. You have to pressure the monster with damage when she’s on the team, because her healing isn’t enough.


Way to grossly exaggerate the 5 second cooldown.

Her medgun range and heal rate is reduced in exchange for chain healing multiple targets.

Her healing field is also lost, reducing her healing output to the team when her heal burst is on cooldown.


yes, however if you go for the support she cannot help at all.


Rogue val is made to be hard to down, you’re supposed to focus her teammates. That plus her damage makes her a cornerstone of offensive comps. Take away the healburst and you hurt some damage comps pretty bad.


ik i am not saying she is OP at all, i am just saying she should be more of a medic and not a dammage sponge


Yeah, she’s a risky pick, no doubt about it. Your entire team needs to be on damage and really know how to dodge. Assault needs to tank some abilities and trapper needs to help keep the monster controlled.


upon which most players rn are dogshit at XD
we can also improve upon that by going to this post


She is a medic, she heals. All other medics have a defensive tool of some sort, rogue val gives up Val’s tranqs for poison darts so she needs some sort of survival ability.


exept all other medics are so so so much better at it then her. in fact, every medic other then her is better at healz
she just heals everyone really slowly


And she is better than other medics at damage.

That’s called a tradeoff.