Rouge Val and medics


Ok…I know the medics are suppose to keep the team of Hunters alive. But can someone explain to me how R Val is able to out heal a stage two Behemoth with the wildlife damage buff and targeting down single hunters at a time. Because that was the last match I just had, Hunters with a sliver of Health left are suddenly fully healed thanks to one healing burst or are back to full health in a second or two from the beam.

I mean…is she broken right now? Is this how she is suppose to be? Because right now I would say she is the strongest healer in terms of actual healing.


I actually feel RV is weak atm… the healing just isn’t there.

What comp are you playing against?


Was Bucket there? She’s a beast with him :open_mouth:


Healed by the heal burst? Are you sure that is Rouge Val?


It was R Val/Hank/Jack/B markov. And just to be clear I was targeting down the R Val…A LOT. And I would watch her slip around a corner, heal burst and get back to full.


I know what I saw, I don’t know what her perks were.


And guys this isn’t the first time I have seen this with R Val. Almost every time I run into her it’s the same. Unless the player is a noob with her, she is a pain to deal with.


Rouge Val her healburst only heals herself. The aura she has aorund her when NOT using her HB is the only way for her to heal other hunters, besides her medgun


Even if it only heals her, it’s a full heal on a very short cool down, can’t say it isn’t short either cause I’ve played her and seen how fast it recharges. And I know her beam last much longer then it did in the previous version and seems to heal for more then the previous version.


It takes like 15 seconds or more. It’s not full either. More like 3/4 of the way if they have nothing left. Her medgun is actually pretty slow as well.

Her passive plus the gun works well enough though.


Different players, different matches, different comps, different monsters… R Val is more of a problem to me then any other healer. And unless there are a lot of hackers in the game now all doing the same thing with just a single character, there is an actual problem with her. Ever R Val that is at least in that second tier of character rank is running perks that make her and the team nearly unkillable.


@Azmi_Anuar you got a pic of “Rouge” Val still?


It’s only because she’s supposed to be all damage, pretty much why she has the AoE healing. Hopefully that AoE is buffed


Just needed to confirm for myself so I played a couple games as R Val. In the right hands, someone that knows what they are doing, and the right perks. R Val can out heal nearly every monster’s DPS. Her self heal with the burst can heal her nearly full from almost dead, I’m talking 10% back up to 80-90%. Her Beam stacks with her Aura heal doubling the amount she can heal at any given time. And both recharge fairly quickly if using a reload and recharge perk build.

I have right now seen/done enough healing to out do Stage 2 Behemoth, S2 Wraith, S2 Goliath and S2 Krakan.


Ah yes, that’s rogue val for you, the thing is, her heal burst is actually a passive skill that slowly heals allies around her, but when she activates it, she heals ONLY HERSELF. and it’s quite a heal burst because once she does this the passive goes off until it has recharged. Rogue val is a bit cheesy with that but overall she’s fairly balanced.


what pic?


Nevermind found it