Rolling is stopped by 1-meats


This is most noticeable with Venomhound packs, but also occurs with Spotters (those tiny critters which howl across the map). Since roll damage was drastically reduced in the last patch, 1-meat packs now halt rolling completely, dead stop.


Don’t forget Obsidian Grubs. :blush: My best memory of playing Behemoth is rolling after the last Hunter down a steep hill, and then this tiny ass grub gets up, walks into the middle of my path, and goes into his shell.


10 pound dog vs 2 ton rolling boulder


the dog wins


I think the bigger problem is how the boulder bounces around like a ping-pong ball on trees. It would be so great if I could just totally smash everything in my path- it would make behemoth feel so powerful.


The flying roll glitch only makes it worse. I think roll damage should get an increase and all one meats except maybe multiple trapjaws behemoth should roll straight through.(please fix flying roll glitch devs)


This. I don’t know why it doesn’t already.


Oh man, the flying roll is so annoying.


Needs to just roll right through them imo. -.-
Behemoth is supposed to be a rolling ball of death, destroying anything in his path.


I don’t know off the top of my head how much coding it would take, but behemoth as far as rolling over things should work as such.

Stage 1 - Roll over all 1 meats zero slowdown 2 meats slowed 25 percent 3 meats 50 percent special monsters cant roll over.

Stage 2 - roll over 1 and 2 meats 3 meats slow is 25 percent special monsters divert his direction with a 50 percent slowdown

Stage 3 - Roll over 1, 2, and 3 meats. Special monsters slightly divert his direction with a 25 percent slow.

As stated he is supposed to be a rolling ball of death, and every evolve just makes him that much bigger.

I know this isn’t perfect but its a huge step in the right direction IMO. And to touch on Flying roll, please make this go away.


Trapjaws + Behemoth = pingpong

Seriously though, last night I got frustrated because I was fighting hunters who caught me eating and I had the damage buff stage 2 but then trapjaws come out while I’m rolling towards the hunters…then just chaos as I’m flung around the trapjaws bouncing off trees and rocks and more trapjaws combining with the flying roll…it was terrifying o.o


No one can stop the ROLL glitch.