Roll spam is back and better then ever

I’ve faced a few behemoths and he is ridiculously overpowered. I’m not one to cry op but just realistically, the roll spam does almost have your health and that’s not considering the massive flame bomb damage. We were just staged one by a 3point flame bomb roll spam. There was little to no chance. Is that amount of damage for a non ability even fair?


Roll literally does the same damage as a light attack.


You are correct but in a different way. The issue now is behemoth is doing too much damage in a movement where he can enter it, close distance and stun you with a knockback, hit you, and re-enter the roll seamlessly with very little to NO way for you to respond to the beatdown into death you’re experiencing.
Either the roll damage must be rolled back to account for this, or the delay between entering roll must be lengthened to allow responses.

Which is the point of Bob. If you get in close, he will decimate you. The point is he’s so easy to keep distance from and while you do, he MELTS, he’s helpless, and it’s just a hilarious seal clubbing.

My only issue with him right now is the Lava Bomb. That thing needs a lookover.


Pretty much what Rose said. That’s what he does, and he should stay that way.


But my concern then if this sort of thing weren’t to be answered is Hunters who thrive on close but agile combat wouldn’t, and in my experience haven’t this patch- have a glimmer of hope to compete with against bob across all classes. Whereas in the absence of a blatant stun lock there are ways to respond and compete.

Lol Wait What???


I would argue that with his speed increase he is not so easy to keep a safe distance from anymore. I just went 9-0 with Bob stage one every game but one that I went to stage three on and almost every game I just rolled and used melee. Used my 2 point fissure a bit and hardly even touched my lava bomb. How is that fair?

Getting the occasional stage one win is one thing but to consistently get it for 8 out of my 9 games says a little something about him right now.


If this happened, you were fighting bad hunters. There is no two ways about it.


lava bomb is still predictable, easy to dodge when u keep a certain distance. the only good thing about it is the damage now that makes the hunters don’t wanna stand in lava bomb anymore and helps u to bring them out of position.

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I’d also agree his new movement may be part of an issue we’re seeing in his spiking power trip since 5.0

Most of those games were all upper silver tiered hunters and a few golds I ran across even. Yeah some of them were bad but I doubt all of them were.

Well, if that happened they must’ve been bad tbh. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m NOT saying you’re a bad monster, and sorry if that was a bit insulting, I’m kind of annoyed at the moment (not by you) but the fact of the matter is that a skilled premade with a strong comp won’t let that happen.

Im a Behemoth Main but i must say his Roll need a Little nerf 190 is to much 4 a Traversal 120 - 140 would be ok but anyway his Fissure got a Little nerfed so its good his Roll & Tounge Grab got a Buff but He still isnt OP Kraken is still a Big flying Bastard If u dont has a good Jack in Team

Most Upper Tier Silver players are BAD.

Ladder system has only been in place for a few DAYS. it takes time for it to be accurate.

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What’s the problem with lava bomb? o.0

I just don’t like the pool damage, it’s massively good right now. O.o

No insult taken. Apparently everything I type comes out sounding hostile which is weird because I am a cheery person to be around but I am really good at making people mad at me through text. I have had people block me on facebook because they took things I said the wrong way. I’m just blunt with my phrasing I guess.

Any way, back on topic: The one time I evolved I think they might have been a premade (this was also the team with the gold player and the rest being in the top silver) and I was able to get 2 strikes at stage one before I evolved. They stayed on me pretty hot through stage two but I lost them just long enough to get into stage three and that last fight was not even worth mentioning I beat them so hard.

I guess it might be a little powerful. To be honest, I’m still working on getting people to go into the lava bomb, as I’m not too great with Bob, and I haven’t played any ace Bob players since the update. Might not be possible, but I think it’d be cool if, if there were rings, and if you touch the outer damage circle, you get (say) 5dps for 3s. There would be damage rings from the outside, all the way to the inside (not visible), so that if you touched the inside, you might get 20dps for 3s, and the further from the centre of the mini lava balls you are, the less damage you take, but over the same period of time.

Not sure if that either made sense, or is even implementable :wink:

It made sense to me. :stuck_out_tongue: And I don’t personally think anything that elaborate is needed. Just a very simple CD/damage/etc tweak is fine.

AS for using it? ONLY ever use it if you’re chaining it with a tongue and a wall or a pounce or a fissure, so on and so forth, or if you’re in, say, a cave or a building. Which you shouldn’t be because anyone following you in there is an idiot.