Role select screen needs to be changed?


I remember playing and seeing this screen

This layout seemed rather strange, and remembering having some reservations with the lineup here not matching the medic-support-trapper-assault lineup n the lobby.

I thought this was rather strange.


I’m wondering if it’s because of the ‘ease’ of that role?


Pretty sure this image you show happens only when hunters press Escape to go back in switching roles.So if you don’t do that the game should have already locked you in a hunter role by before when you put your preferances.

At least for PC


Then you would have to consider characters inside that role. Which skews the total hardness of one role.


Regardless, OP has a point. Consistency is important.


But if you are playing for the first time, you most likely aren’t playing anything but T1. And arguably, assault is easiest. Point the gun at the thingy. Then trapper. Follow the dog thingy. Then Medic. Heal the hurt people. Support. Learn when to use orbital/aoe cloak. Granted it’s a bit more than that, but those are the basic T1 roles defined for a new person. Just my subjective opinion on the photo :stuck_out_tongue:


Makes sense. I also wonder if it’s just a preference thing?


This is very possible. I wonder what @MacMan thinks about this.