Role priority system is BAF


i ranked my role priorities thusly:

  1. Medic
  2. Trapper
  3. Support
  4. Assault
  5. Monster

and literally every other round i played tonight in Hunt i was assigned monster, this did not happen when i played the public beta in January (i had trapper and support swapped but otherwise the same)…i was never assigned assault even once, rarely got trapper or support but i did get Medic fairly often…so this system seems broken, please fix it, i already feel like a moron for buying this game


If you are against a premade team, they CANNOT be assigned monster. Therefor, despite being Priority 5, you are the only choice for Monster player. Get mates, queue as a group.


i have a hard time believing that all the PUG’s i was matchmake’d against tonight were all buddies and i was the odd man out, so your reply doesn’t make a lot of sense to me


almost everyone that ive seen play evacuation is in a 4 man squad. so i can back up his claim. however skirmish is another story…


I generally tend to get my role almost every game honestly. I only notice swapping support every other game if another player chooses that as his priority too. Also as others stated if you rank monster last yet continue to get it it means they are a party and you have no choice but to fill that role.


i should make monster my fifth…