Role Preferences include a "Definitely do NOT want to play this" option?


As probably a lot of people know, many people get frustrated when they continue to get a role that they did not want to play. Obviously the game is just trying to do its best to set up games and get them running (and hoping people are willing to bite the bullet), but I wonder if there are people that would prefer to wait longer in order to avoid really undesirable roles?

I would create a poll if I knew how but I guess just pitching the question should suffice:
If there was an option to DEFINITELY NEVER enter a game as a specific role (or two, or more?), would you be willing to wait longer (potentially much longer) to get into a game?

Since role preference is fairly even according to the last preference charts @MacMan showed us, I believe it wouldn’t necessarily add a horrendous amount of additional time for people to wait before getting into a game. Additionally, I think this extra time would be permissible if they can avoid a very undesirable role, since I know some people feel they have no option but to quit and try to queue again.

So tell me: Would you like this? How much longer would you be willing to wait? How many "Definitely Not"s would you like the limit to be?

I personally play with no preference selected since I found I always got a little upset when I got something that wasn’t in my top three preferred. Now I just get whatever is given to me but I have no emotional investment in who I want to play. This is for the rest of you (and to help bring back players that left because of this).

More reliable role selection

I’ve been asking about a role blacklist since alpha. I’d be much more willing to play when I can’t pull together a premade if one were implemented.

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Yep looks like I’m bad at finding related threads.


But what would happen if all five players in a lobby had monster blacklisted? Would one be kicked?
“Kicked: Unable to get prefered role.”

I don’t mind if the feature is added, since I am good enough to not be a burden for the team, no matter which class, even tough I prefer Medic and Support. I’m one of the few that don’t mind being a monster, either.


If you have five players in a lobby they all choose their role each game anyway.


Not if they are all randoms. The game pick for you depending on your set preferences.


In that case I don’t know how you’d get the situation you brought up to begin with, since the matchmaker wouldn’t put a player with monster blacklisted into a lobby where the only role needed is monster.


Yeah, I guess it would be rare event.
It is possible to change your preferences between lobbies, so I guess that could be disabled.


I gladly support anything that would allow me to NEVER EVER have to play as the Monster including longer lobby times if that’s what it takes


You know what would also be awesome? If you have Monster as your 1st choice, you don’t get randomly put into a Hunter team after playing that team. Had a game the other day and was playing against a great Monster player for a few rounds, then s/he was shunted to a Hunter role. While the Monster role was left empty, only for it to be filled by someone who quit as soon as they arrived, then was followed by a Behemoth that just stood there and watched us. All creepy like.



This has happened to me multiple times. I get so mad when I’m not allowed to play monster, and the person who joined and got it, for no reason, then decides to leave. Which usually ends in me leaving as well, because I’m grinding on monster, and don’t wanna play hunter. If I wanted to, I’d have 3 other friends to party up with.


It’s as BS as when you’re Hunter then get dropped into Monster when there’s an empty Hunter slot while Monster is your 5th choice. I just don’t get it.


Like everything else, I would assume their matchmaking is bugged as well.

Still best game ever tho.


I too would like to see this, at least for monster/hunter, since there is a lot more similarity between the hunter roles than there is between any hunter and the monster.

It’s not just getting hunter when I want to be monster. It’s waiting on a loading screen before getting it. Then waiting for the timer when I leave. The number of clicks required to leave. My record ratio is 50 minutes waiting to 10 minutes playing. I could live with this, if it was 50 minutes afk reading forums until it found me a game, it can take time to find matches in dead games. But no, I have to alt-tab in and press buttons every minute or so. Utter waste of time.

I used to accept being hunter every second game if there was another monster player. But sometimes there is more than one other monster player (which the game doesn’t tell you), so you find out after waiting through one round as hunter that you are actually looking at being monster every third or fourth game. Sometimes the lobby clears out after that one game as hunter. You are better off just constantly exiting from games until you get what you want.

Turns out having no proper matchmaking is a bad idea. Who knew? Rant over.


Well, this scenario could come up if and only if people suddenly change their preferences after the first game. To avoid this, TRS could just disallow changing of preference unless you’re at the main menu (or at least, not between matches).

Otherwise, this scenario would never happen. In theory, the game would never randomly select 5 people, notice they’ve all blacklisted one role, and put them in the same game. Hence the longer wait time: more time to sort through the games that can accept their non-preferred roles.


I like the idea of a role blacklist. It wouldn’t really affect me, since I play any of the roles in the game without complaining, but I understand not everyone is that way. It would certainly decrease the rate at which people leave matches.


Zind, you poked the bear again…long post incomming…I can’t help myself…

I believe blacklists (Roles I NEVER want to play) and white lists (Roles I do want to play) would make a huge difference in this games popularity. I have quit games because I didn’t get to play the role I wanted and unfortunately my playing the role I was given wasn’t going to be “credit to team.” So rather than deal with the rational frustration after we lost the round at how I played X role, I would rather just not play this game.

Games should be fun and allow you to choose what you wish to play. Left 4 Dead didn’t have this challenge because there wasn’t a fundamental difference between the characters. They all did the same things, but they looked different. In Evolve each character is unique and each role is too. This means that people can choose to become good at roles, and even better at specific hunters.

Unfortunately the game as it is now prevents people from playing in their specialized skill set. Imagine going to school to be a medical doctor and when you get to your first job they hand you a wrench to fix the plumbing. How long would you stay on the job? not long. That’s where people went I think on PC. PC players want to open up the game and play what they want to play. They don’t like starting a lobby and being told they are going to play this way - period.

We really really need a way for lobbies to pair up people who are good at their roles. We also need a seperate queue for people that want to play monster only.

The other night in my usual pre-made we had 14 players join us…3 stayed to play monster. The rest quit AS SOON as they saw they were the monster. 11 unique players that joined our queue LEFT because they did not want to be the monster. This forced us to keep restarting rounds (because some would sit there and wait until the damn round started before they would quit), quit the game and reset our team to try again all the while twiddling our collective thumbs.

No one likes that. We need a queue of monsters that WANT to be monsters. We find them eventually and they are brilliant because they challenge us. The people that didn’t want to play monster would throw away their round and sit in acid until dead or if out of bounds was there they would just go out of bounds and die. Throwing away their round thinking they would get hunter next round. Well - they don’t.

This brings me to another point about pre-made teams. There needs to be a flag for pre-mades so that they exclusively get first dibs at the monster queue if one was made. So that these monsters would have skilled players to play against rather than random packs of pubbers.

Fixing lobbies and creating separate queues will help people like this game.


Last night I was playing with my friends in our “Pre-Made” team. We have defined our roles and we are very good at them. The others are much more flexible than me because I am “ASSAULT.” We just need the player search to feed us a monster to fight. 14 players hopped in and out of that spot all night with only about 3 actually playing. We are talking about 9PM to midnight. We had about 6 games total with a SHIT TON of lobby time waiting for players.

Sounds fun right?

This is why the blacklist and separate monster queue are so needed.


Oh, I know the feeling. We were laughing because it was so easy to predict that he was going to quit, not because he actually quit.

We tried for a whole night to get a proper game going.


Your video outlines a fundamental change I think is needed. There should be a flag for a pre-made team.

In the current model people with monster as their NUMBER 1 preference should be funneled to pre-made teams. Not the level 5’s that show up and play against my team…and die…over and over. Not fun for us or them.

The future model would be to have a monster queue so that people that want to play monster go first to pre-made teams of four and then to pre-made teams of 3 and so on…this way everyone gets a good hard game full of challenge and less pub-stomp.