Role preference


I get monster half the time even though it is last on my role preference list. But i never get the last or next to last hunter role. Does that mean that nobody plays monster and the game is forcing it upon players that don’t want it?


It was said that one of the Devs said that there is a roughly 50% chance to get monster due to preference/number of players playing Hunters compared to Monster etc…


So there are not enough players that actually WANT to play monster?


Well, in theory, you need 4 Hunters for every 1 Monster. Monster has a very steep learning curve and most new monsters get stomped a few times and would rather Hunter it up. Hunters also group up as teams, so there would be more Hunters on average than Monsters wanting to play.


Well I have medic as my first preference and I’ve played five games and haven’t gotten medic once, so much for having a preference.