Role preference not working properly


Even if I am the only one with a preference to a certain role, someone with no preference ends up getting it.


No preference is basically random it isn’t they have no preference and will fill any slot that no one else wants it’s I like all the characters and want to play all of them.


I have experienced this too. Monster pref, one guy has no pref, the others want some hunter class or another. I get forced into Medic, no pref guy takes monster from me, the guy with Medic pref gets Support which means that Support pref gets Trapper and Trapper pref got Assault.

It was pretty hilarious before they all switched places.


Yeah, Think this needs to change. No preference be the last character to be picked.
i.e Check all player pref->Resolve conflicts by checking next pref->Assign characters->Assign no preference player


I want to say we’ve been looking into this. I remember someone bringing up the issue internally for sure.

I’ll look into it when I get into work and report back!


It’s been brought up before. No preference isn’t 0 preference or I only want the unpopular class it’s I like them all. No preference is random. You could have a no preference in a group with 4 preferred assaults and eventually they will get assault.