Role Preference broken?


Hi all,

it happened several times now that I was forced playing Monster (my least preferred role) even thou my most preferred role (Trapper) was given to a bot? I could not find a way to swap roles with the bot…


Evolve always attempts to fill the monster role with a human. :monster:


And if you don’t comply you are out of options? I really don’t enjoy playing the monster.


You are free to back out and try again. However, on the rare occasions that I queue as hunters I usually get my preferred class during the second game.


That’s very bad then, since sometimes I’d like to stick with the random team. It’s not easy to find good players in quick play :smiley: And I don’t have time to build my elite squad.


Sorry mate. No system is perfect, but ideally you’ll always face a human controlled monster.

Do you mind if I close this topic and move it out of the bug category?


Well, if it’s not a bug, it must be a feature, right? :smiley:

I was wandering, after being assigned to play the monster, can I switch roles with another player? Dropping out is the only option?


Due to how the game loads, I don’t think you can switch factions, but I can’t be 100% certain.