Rogue Val Strategy, Tips and Advice


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Stage 2: Rogue Val Strategy, Tips and Advice


Watch out for when Support cloaks, because Rogue’s Medgun can branch out and give support away.

Rogue Val has a heal burst that only heals her, but it heals majority of her health, so use it when you’re low on health. In exchange for her HB not healing others, she has a passive heal so stay near the rest of the team. You might not even need to use your Medgun if you are on the chase, but don’t let team members Heath get into the red, otherwise they might go down.

Rogue also has a shorter range on her Medgun, so if you need to heal a team member but they are out of range, see if there is a teammate between you and the other member. You can use her chain Medgun effect to heal teammates thought other teammates like a proxy.


I’m convinced Rogue Val is super good and once people realize it, she’ll get way more popular.

Her, Cabot, Abe, and Parnell is pretty insane. Or her, Tech Hank, Wasteland Maggie, and Hyde - go full dots. Either way, take her in a damage anti-camp comp and just smash.

If you can dodge a little, then with her insane healburst, you’ll never be the first to die - or if you are, the monster will pay tremendously for it. That’s the whole comp - people are going to die, but the monster is gonna suffer for it. And her anti-camp potential is amazing - it takes anything other than Behemoth ages to finish off a downed hunter against her constant healing. And if they try, they’ll burn.

She’s sorta high skill floor - you have to dodge well, and you have to be impressively patient with the healburst. But if you can do that, she’s really great.


When getting close to a down, should I use my healing burst to prevent or delay it or should I keep it so that when I fall my team still can use the passive healing?


If the monster is targeted on you and you have 1 bar of health left I would use the Burst as the others are not in need of healing at that time. Keep yourself alive because the Monster may decide that you are not worth the trouble and go after someone who is peppering their back and causing big damage. I almost never die as RV as the burst heals a lot of your health and by the time the Monster whittles my health down a second time my Heal Burst is usually charged again and it can become a nasty cycle for the monster, assuming you can dodge and evade some of the attacks.
If you are in range of your Medgun, you are in range for your Regen Field, so use that to your advantage to get a couple extra ticks of healing onto your team. Being as RV heals less than Val you will want to start healing a target team mate earlier as Hunters cannot sustain high levels of punishment with RV on the team. Then after an engagement with the Monster, unless a Hunter is really down on health let the Regen Field take care of most of it as you chase down the Monster for another round.
RV may be considered an “easy” Medic to play as you don’t have to be overly active in healing, allowing the passive Regen Field to do a lot of the work, but that will only get you so far. You need to be good to get in closer to use the Medgun and be able to get out should things turn sideways on you. Then, personally I think you need to be very accurate with your dart gun and sniper rifle and deal a little more damage than you would with other Medics to make up for the lowered healing abilities. This is where you would like a Torvald, and a Cabot/Kala, being able to boost the damage that RV can dish out because a steady supply of poison and some boosted sniper rifle shots can really lay the hurt on, and in a battle that lasts to Stage 2-3 I can fairly easily do 5-6,000 damage between my sniper+dart gun while still keeping team mates alive.


Yes, you should use it, don’t take any unnecessary strikes. The passive healing will be on them yes, but not your medgun, the heal burst will recharge, so use it if you desperately need to.