Rogue Val Question Medgun

So Rogue Val heals at like 90 per second. Val heals at 110 per second. However, rogue Val has a passive heal of 30 a sec. So without counting heal bursts does rogue Val heal better when close to the target?

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Technically speaking yes, but that requires you to be relatively close to them putting you in a bad position.


To add to what shunty said, if you use rogue val’s heal burst then you don’t get the extra healing over time from her healing aura until it comes off of cooldown. This makes her healing worse than val’s medgun. :slightly_smiling:


Its 20 heals per tick.

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You wanna get a big attack? That’s how you do it…

Yes, she heals more than OG Val when close to the primary target but heals less when far or when heal burst is on cooldown. Also if they have HR then woah momma that’s a lotta heals.


Also remember the med gun heals individual targets less when it chain-heals.

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No, it just heals the chained target less.

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Could’ve sworn it was less across the board, my bad.


Rogue Val heals 90 per second with her active and passive healing combined. That’s less than normal Val can heal.
Medgun: 70 hps
Passive: 20 hps


Dang. I thought it was 90 on the med gun plus the 20 on passive so 110 on a single target and when its chained it decreases.

Not true

Rogue val Passive heal is 20

Rogue val Medgun heal is 70

Rogue (Val Medgun + passive heal) = 90

Original Val medgun =110

Original val healing burst on teammate =27.6 per second

Original val (medgun + healing burst ) = 127.6

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I didn’t really think she would heal more than Val. Though RVal is still a very good Medic, you just lose a little healing to other in exchange for more damage via the Poison Dart Gun and her Sniper Rifle. Not to mention the healing you get to yourself via the Heal Burst. Val, like most other Medics, are better from afar, but RVal can get pretty close, and go run through the trenches with the others and stay alive.

Recategorizing to hunters-medic since we are talking about val, if thats ok for you :wink:

RVal heals less focus-healing in all situations. Her medgun is 70, her healing aura is 20- Which can stack for 90 hps- Vs 110 from vanilla val.

She does have situationally superior healing, as her medgun can chain, and her healing aura can pump out as much as 1200 hp per minute to each team mate within range of of the aura. But focus healing? Val always.

Edit: Shouldve read the rest of the posts before commenting :laughing:

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