Rogue Val - Elite Mastery - Sniper Rifle


True, but they didn’t take long. I think the longest anything took me was Elite Tech Hank and that was under an hour or two.


Yeah but at least the run down on EMET wasn’t so prolonged. I used a custom Arena without strikes and monster stage 3. Didn’t heal the hunters. When I was left I’d respawn. I think your able to stack in one match but I don’t remember, I elited him right after Slim. When I was bored I’d turn on the last man standing thingy, erm hunter damage increase so when I was the last I’d bring the hunters back and they wipe through the monster like a thin piece of paper, very satisfying.


Then you were one of the lucky ones. Tech Hank was easy. Same goes for every other hunter, and I don’t recall any other hiccups outside of Emet and Kala.

As for Rval, I forgot what her mastery was so IDK was I originally did to elite her.


Everyone says to use Behemoth for her elite mastery: deal 12000 headshot damage.

But that makes it more difficult, usually do a custom Defend and try my luck on Kraken’s big head.


Fair enough. I just didn’t see it so much as a grind especially compared to unlocking MP content in other games that takes… Ages. An hour or two at most per character isn’t that much and it’s almost impossible to not get the first 2 masteries within 1-2 matches if you’re looking at it from the right angle let alone going for it in solo customs.


If no one knew this or maybe you did, using Cabot’s Damage Amp speeds up damage masteries. Like doing the Arena damage thing for RVal poison darts.


Yup, same with weakpoints, favors monsters/hunters as well as sudden death :slight_smile:


I had a friend play Monster and we did a custom Arena game. He killed everyone else and then I just shot him in his crit shot over and over. Took less than 5 minutes lol


Yes, but I go in with the Forever Alone mentality :stuck_out_tongue:



ten ^'s

ten more ^'s


Personally for headshot damage i used the Kraken. In legacy, stage 3 kraken has a gigantic head. I could fully farm any headshot damage mastery in around 3 defend modes (i think they’re called. The one that’s always the final round of evacuation)