Rogue Val - Elite Mastery - Sniper Rifle

Anyone know of a faster way to elite her Sniper Rifle, I’m trying and have gotten like 4100. It seems a little far fetched, I’ve elited all the other medics but she’s posing a serious obstacle… I know the mastery isn’t supposed to be easy but jeez, you’d think they’d give you some leeway seeing as trying to do this mastery would mean not healing your teammates. At least Val was simple, not so… time consuming… any help? I’ve noticed the mastery only works on Monsters, not wildlife, would have been awesome to put it in the caption.

What is the mastery again? Is it just total damage?

Ok so I looked it up. Setup a favors hunter arena best of 5 Monster stage 3. Choose Sunny, Griffen and Markov as your team as they are pretty low damage. Sunny will try and use JP boost,Griffen will harpoon and Markov does his thing. You want to choose broken hills for the arena. Specifically you want the one where it’s a large circular area with a fairly single large tower on one side. Behemoth is terrible at navigating this section. Let him kill your teammates, wait until sudden death, and then just shoot him in the chest a bunch of times. You can actually juggle Behemoth there for minutes (It’s how I elited Tech Hank’s Orbital so quickly) by falling off the tip of the tower and hovering to the right and getting back up. Rinse repeat.


Broken Hill Mine, or Broken Hill Foundry?

I want to say foundry? It’s been a really long time and I can’t recall the domes for the arenas. It’s in a trash pit of sorts. I’ll have to look through some of my old videos because I believe I uploaded one when I did tech Hank. Maybe…

I think for arena there’s a special broken hill map only available in arena xD but i can’t remember what it’s called.

There are a few unique ones for those maps. I can’t remember which one it is. The hunters start on one side with a little ledge and some trash. The other ‘half’ of the map has a small inner complex you can run through but it’s a tall ’ building’ that I used to farm a lot of masteries with.

If I was at home I could tell ya, give me like 2.5 hours and I’ll let you know. But I was able to Juggle a Behemoth here for ages.


Murder Pits.
In my head all i could think was slaughter house and fight pits. 25% right with both guesses at least xD

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Sounds about right :slight_smile: It’s NOT the one with the ‘semi automatic door in the middle’ that drops meat/cupcake. That one I believe was slaughter house.

Well the two legacy maps are Foundry and Mines

And then the arena-only map was Murder Pits

I thought there were a few Arena Only maps. Like the one with all the ‘animals’ behind locked doors/cages.

I haven’t played Legacy in over 2 years xD so i don’t honestly know.

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Fair enough. I was under the impression that all the arena maps for both those 2 new ones (Foundry and Hills) were unique for Arena only. But my memory is bad to :frowning:

I remember Foundry and Mines being full maps. :joy: but that doesn’t mean i know anything about all the unique arena maps available :grin:

Ya there were 2 full maps and then the arena version of those I thought were unique.

Broken Hill Murder Pits was an Arena-only map with 4 or 5 different areas to fight in (I forget exactly how many).

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Maybe thats what it is/was then. Either way, thats the one that needs to be picked and while most of those are good for farming elites, there was one in particular that was exceedingly good because you could abuse the Behemoth’s lackluster mobility and pop sudden death a good deal.

Try Emet’s and you’ll have to go through living hell. His and Kala’s mastery are the worse offenders, since they require massive amounts of niche situations to complete.

40 sum-odd team respawns and x distance traveled with teles and less-than-half health.

RVal was pretty easy, I just played her in solo games like defend, so I could focus on damage and not surviving.

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These were actually quite easy. You can get team respawns really easy by favor monster arenas and running from the behemoth and abusing his AI. With Kala you can do it one Nest. I have a video of that one.

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That’s what I did, but it just got tiring doing the same stuff every game. It would have been fine with being 20 respawns and half the distance, especially since there was no easy way of doing it outside of farming.