Rogue Val can't passive heal


R.val can’t passive heal her self in certain situations

Behemoth roll spam can cause passive heal ability to dysfunction . I have to use the healing burst and wait for cooldown to make ( passive healing works / to fix it )

Not sure about her teammate. But I think I have experienced it


Ain’t a bug. Passive heal works when you don’t have heal burst and when your not taking chunk damage.


For god sake

Read the thread

Don’t judge the book by its cover


For god sake

Read my post

Stop being so ignorant. It’s pissing me off.


I didn’t use my heal burst

Passive heal doesn’t work

To fix this bug . I need to use the heal burst


Not true

Passive healing works all the time if R val hasn’t wasted her healing burst

Prove : MG fire

You still getting healed up while you are receiving damage


Look at this post, read it carefully.

Passive healing works when the ability is on cooldown, only on Val. Passive healing works on team mates all the time.

If that doesn’t answer your question then your ‘bug report’ is confusing.



I’m done.


No it doesn’t

If R Val wasted her healing burst . The team will not get a passive heal nor herself


I am not sure what OP is doing or where this is heading.


Can you elaborate ?


It means none of you make sense, I suggest you try to rephrase stuff or something because I can’t really understand what you’re trying to say. XD



Rouge val has a passive healing ability

If you lose your health. You will get healed up by 20 per seconds (assuming you didn’t waste your healing burst )

Behemoth roll over me 3 times and then left me . I didn’t heal my self (passive heal didn’t work ) which means there was a bug that cause my passive healing not to work

Did I use the healing burst ?

No I didn’t use my healing burst


Ok I get what you’re trying to say, yes this is a bug I have experienced from time to time. Character swapping or taking a break fixes it, at least until TU9.


Val doesn’t have a passive heal, only R-Val does :smile:


Funny, I could understand them perfectly. Perhaps it is you who need to read with comprehension.


Something similar happen to my team in arena I was hank. And was fightning against a behemoth also. He got down our r. Val and I was shielding her to keep her alive.
Our trapper and assualy wasn’t smartest and keep trying to pick her up. And the behemoth basically downed all of them. They were all in a pile all incacipated. Now I was dodging the behemoths attack while still trying to shield val every second I had. I noticed though that her passive healing was only working on her it wasn’t working on me and it also wasn’t workimh on the two other hunters that were like inches away from her.