"rogue" sunny


So i can’t take credit for this idea. But a player in my party suggested a rogue sunny where her jetpack boost would only effect the monster. Making it go hyperactive on it’s momentum. So imagine goliath bout to leap smash, then sunny hyper boost the monster cause the monster to longshoot their leap smash.


God. Please. No.

Boosting Monsters? So much chance for trolling and general OP-ness.



Invalid body my booty.


This would be hilarious.

Troll everyone for days letting the monster escape.

Best idea 10/10 - IGN


Interesting, but flawed idea. There will be moments when it works amazingly, and moments where it fails horribly. But imagine goliath going to the moon…


Why not just make rogue sunny be similar to RV so her jet booster could boost multiple hunters at once but for less time,her launcher could fire faster with less damage and she could have 2 drones 1 real and 1 decoy so the monster would have to see which one was protecting people or just 1 drone that constantly protect sunny when hit not her team mates.


Yeah because the val and sunny comps need more CC



I love this idea. It’s just… so fun to imagine. XD


So… how does it work on other Monsters or other abilities?


Wait… Is that possible? :heart:


The game is not fully dead yet, people are still playing in NA and maybe West EU. But everywhere else it’s a dead game.


“Back when I was a child, we played a game called Evolve”

“What was it like Grandpa”

“Well Grandson, it was full of gamebreaking visual glitches and other bugs, but it was fun!”


Your post reminded me of this


As well as oppressive god comps and broken characters, but it was fun if you manage to find a game. sometimes


What about

Mininuke has a wider radius, fires faster but less damage and more reload time

Jetpack Booster has more capacity and can lock onto multiple hunters

Shield Drones will protect with more shield points and more shield drone health BUT it can also multi shield BUT can ONLY protect TWO hunters and can’t shield sunny

Cloaking Field is now a Cloak that hides all of sunny meaning it hides her, her footprints and he jetpack usage making her harder to find but easy to find with fire.


This coming from a strictly hunter player, we don’t need that level of BS in this game XD


Ok she now has a fully auto nuke cannon with half as much damage. Her jetpack booster will now steal fuel from other players to boost her jetpack. Her shield drone now can cover all hunters except sunny. With a third more shielding.


I wanted to do that too but I didn’t know how to buff it with that big of a downside

I’'ll be stealing multiple bots fuel MWHAHA



Yep, as far as I know us Australians are hanging by a thread right now.


I’d love it if Sunny was removed from the game. That’s how you balance Evolve